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posted by EmeraldYJ
OOC: anda guys are VERY lucky that i'm so nice and giving anda this days early.
Emerald: okay, yeah, sure they are.
OOC: what? don't believe me?
Em: no, i get it...
OOC: oh i see, anda tried to convince me not to.
Em: yeah. i did. and it DIDN'T WORK!
(we start arguing)
Russ: dude, why are we here? can't believe anda brought me here..
Ryan: I brought anda here?
Russ: well DUH.
(they start arguing)
Em:Nu, esti un idiot, şi aţi făcut acest lucru pentru tine!
Manta: QUIET!!
(we all stop and stare)
Manta: Um.. Hi.
OOC: Well... have fun Membaca this... this is the sequel...
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posted by Robin_Love
She flew over the rocky terrain, breathing in the fresh air. Her blackened wings flapped gently, pulling her above the ground and towards the clouds. She folded in her wings as she got closer to the ground. She landed on her feet gently. She walked around a little, relishing the cold breeze flying through the summer air. She found a patch of yellow wild Ros and picked one.
She heard a flapping noise behind her, turning to look. Nothing but a bluebird. She went back to walking around. When the sun started to set, she turned to go back. She got closer to the edge of the mountain, about to open...
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posted by 66Dragons
The Clash-


"A biological attack has affected the greater part of New York City. A green fog rose from the streets this morning in downtown New York. Despite interventions of the Justice League & Young Justice, New York has been stranded from all help. Monsters are being formed from what we are told is 'Gamma Radiation'. But the main soalan everyone is asking is not "How will we save those who have been affected" Rather the soalan is: Where is New York's protector? Where is the Spiderman? And did he truly end the masked vigilante Red Revenge, now known as Samuel Grant?"

Should I publish?
posted by BladeYJ
Where were they.. they should have come sejak now. She missed her team.. she loved them.

"Okay Blade, anda want to stop hurting?" Gage berkata in a wicked tone. She nodded slowly looking away.
"Good," He smirked," Go kill your team.. and the pain will stop.. everything will stop." She shook her head no, which resulted in a kick to the side..
"Now Blade, go kill your team..." He touched her lips with his and dark magic surged through her. Her eyes turned black and she screamed in pain. Suddenly the pain stopped and all she knew was darkness.. she was cold and it was dark.. and she was.. Alone. She...
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posted by ReneYJ
OK, where was I? Oh yah, this was going to be the longest tahun EVER! I calmly sat down in the corner and flipped to a Rawak page in my spell book. Then I closed my eyes and randomly selected a spell. Flying spell, that one's new. I decided to go to my room and study, so Rosie won’t be so lonely. I walked upstairs and I saw Rosie.
    “Why are anda not in bed?” I signed.
    “I felt better,” she signed back and she smiled. I smiled back and we walked to the room. She got some clothes on. She put on a white dress shirt, open, with a blue and white...
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posted by Robin_Love
Kay. This is in Devin's POV so I hope anda enjoy.

I've heard a lot of things when I've traveled as a guardian angel. But there are two things I've heard that I will never forget in all my angelic life. The first is “Morta de paura.” Italian. This first one scares me to death. Not just because of the meaning, but because of who berkata it. Morta de paura means “death sejak fear” and Teague is the one who told me it. Bidadari and demons have had their wars and hatred, but things had always been different for me. It seemed that, despite my Angel lineage, I attracted demons rather than repelled them....
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posted by Robin_Love
I've heard people say that letting go is hard to do. And it's true. But the lebih I wandered, the lebih I felt like I had to close something back there. Damn. There was always something. Oh well. Time to end it. I headed back, passing her grave again. I'll see anda later sis. And I'll bring some decoration for you. I went back. Damn it all. I had never wanted to come back when I left. anda just have to close one door to open another I guess. When I got there, it was broad daylight. So I hung around until it was well into the seterusnya morning. 3:00 a.m. No one would be up. I entered, heading down the...
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posted by 66Dragons
Chapter 3-

"Stay wet, minnows!" Lagoon Boy berkata before following the Dark Knight into the zeta-tubes.

The four girls looked at each other before departing for their individual rooms.

Holly walked in and locked her door. It wasn't that she didn't trust anyone on the Team, it was that she felt insecure leaving her private area, the only place she could be herself, available to anyone.

She knew Batman came in here, and she resented him for it, but she could do nothing about it. Red Revenge seemed to not trust her, but left her to herself.

Holly pulled out a suitcase, knowing the others would fuss...
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posted by SilverWings13
3rd person POV
(Look! I got the html Tag to work!)
Proven part X
"Silver!" Alek exclaimed, his panic causing him to forget to use the code-names. Three other men stood in the corridor. All heavy-set; their masks red, black horns completing the devils' faces. They had all been in the ball room a moment before, watching their boss carefully as he danced to the music, putting on a nice show. They had spotted the young girl slyly slip her hand into their master's pocket, retrieve the Key, and slide it into her partners jacket.
It had been an entertaining show, but the men were not there for the entertainment....
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posted by KorranYJ
This is just me being bored, a little story about Korran and her impression of her first few days on the team

Korran had only been on the team for four days and she'd already gone on her first mission. Even though it hadn't turned out that well she was still happy that she could go on a mission, well it wasn't exactly an official mission but hei it still counted. Mercy, Silver Wings and her had gone after Terror while Fang and Notte had gone after Teague to get Devin back. As far as she knew Fang and Notte had been successful...
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(Note: The following fanfiction includes drug references, consumption of alcohol, certain suggestive themes, dark themes, extreme language, and extreme violence. This may not be suitable for minors)

(SPOILER ALERT for Book VI: A Massacre in the Family)

Final Battle:

The night: was noisy. The bustle of cars, people, trains, and planes clogged the sound waves of the Bronx. The smoke and smell of fuels filled the air, choking the airways of anything that lived there. It was damp though. The rain from the afternoon had stopped. The streets were still soaked. And it was hot. Blazingly so. 

The place:...
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posted by BladeYJ
Everything brightened up.. all she knew was she was on her bike in a knee-length white and pale blue summer-dress. She peddled through the town and kept going until she hit an orchird. She hopped off her bike and just stared at the evergoing rows of epal, apple trees, the Bunga merah jambu and fluffy. She smiled and just walked through the rows, her eyes were light blue. Nothing seemed wrong. She came to a halt and watched a bunny pass her, suddenly there was a loud snap. She glanced over and her eyes filled with horror. They bunny was in a trap.. bleeding. She was hard, cold, and emotionless but she...
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posted by Mclovin_69
The moon began to fade in the clouds and a small boarded up building sat underneath the moon, he lifted open a window and stepped inside closing it again and his feet echoed across the hard wood floor, as silence filled the room he put his swords on a counter and sat on a dusted up couch. " Looks like someones had a bad day.... " muttered a cocky tone as a man stepped out of the shadows, he looked up an unhappy expression on his face under his mask, " i dont need any of your comments...... " he berkata getting up crossing his arms, the man stepped up smiling at him , the stubble on his face was...
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posted by Robin_Love
Betrayal. Heh; funny word. It's almost as common to me as fear. It's happened since I was born. It just follows me. He was starting to come around a little too often. He was starting to come around ME too often. Normally I would leave him be. But he was pushing buttons and asking for hell. I was ready to let him die in the fear I wanted to send him. That changed when they told me to back off. That I was overreacting. To hell I was! They have no idea what it's like! So I left. Teams help each other. But they helped him. Thanks for the help. I walked out of there the minit they betrayed me....
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posted by SilverWings13
Proven part IX
Devin, Dick, Kyra, and Danna didn't seem to notice as we left the room. They must have been too busy watching the array of dancers as the orchestra started to weave their pattern once again.
I breathed a sigh of relief as we reached the corridor leading away from the ball room. The hall was empty. We made our way down the corridor as a group, my arm around Jazz's. Suddenly, Nic pulled Alek into on off the open doors branching off from the hall. Jasper and I quickly followed, pulling the door shut behind us.
"Let's see it," Nic berkata immediately.
"What?" Alek asked.
"The Key, 'Lucky',"...
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Okay: This is ALL I have written, but Im working. HARD.

Previously on The Red Revenge...

"A comet landed in Minnesota. Golden, with a creature inside."

"To what do I owe this "honor" Bluestreak?" Revenge asked.

"To the fact that Earth is under attack."

"The Venusians are invading Earth. This first wave we fought individually & alone was merely a scouting wave. The real invasion is about to begin."

"Who's this?" they both demanded.

"Rose, this is my new...partner, Emerald. She goes sejak Holly. Holly, my original partner: Rose Walker, aka Vendicta."

"If we are going to have any hope of winning this...
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Chapter 26-

"Well, yo certainly aren't who I was expecting Mr.Grant." Cheshire said, leaning on her sword.

Revenge growled and leaped at the Asian assassin. She dodged, but Revenge grabbed his mask and slid it on.

"Someone's insecure." Cheshire said.

Revenge growled and leapt at her again.


Holly paced her room.

"He berkata he'd keep anda safe." she told herself.

"But what if he can't stop them?" she reprimanded herself. "What if they-"

She gulped, unable to complete the sentence.


Revenge stumbled...
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Chapter 22-

The door slid open. holly looked up from her melancholy position to see Revenge standing in the doorway. He walked in and the door closed behind him.

"You'll be happy to know the Shadow has been taken care of." Revenge said.

"Singular atau Plural?"


"Scout. Tester." holly said, before sliding back down inter bed. "They'll be coming."

"And I'll be ready."

Holly frowned and sat up, leaning against the wall. Revenge walked over & sat down seterusnya to her. "It'll be okay. I won't let anything happen to you. Ever."

"Y'know, when anda aren't in battle. anda can be a pretty nice guy." Holly...
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Chapter 4-

Red Revenge had a theory for taking down the mayor. If he was indeed a Shadow, he would probably be heading to the morgue to destroy all evidence of the League of Shadow's involvement. So Revenge would wait there.

It was around three in the morning when the Shadow got there. He was dressed in his Shadow clothing, staying in the dark, making sure the area was clear before heading to the specific drawer his 'friend' was in.

Revenge watched. The Shadow placed something in the drawer and began to close it.

Revenge jumped down and kicked him in the face. The shadow fell to the ground. Revenge...
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posted by ReneYJ
Rosie tumbled off her katil and hit her head (Rhyme!) and now she has and ice pack.
    "What the heck happened?" she signed.
    "Well, I shook anda out of katil and anda tumbled to the ground," I signed back. I am so relived that I finnally have someone to talk to things about, plus, no one can understand atau 'hear' us. Rosie gave a little chuckle snort and I laughed hystaricly. Her stoned look at me told me I was in deep trouble. Shit. We started the walk down to the dapur because there is nothing better than eatting after anda made your best friend fall...
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