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posted by Mclovin_69
Bloodmist sat on the edge of a building looking down at the ground " am i really not that different from my family?...." he muttered to himself. The words his brother told him kept running through his head, " anda can fight me all anda want...... but anda cant fight who-you-are" Whiteshadows voice rattled his brain. Bloodmist sighed deeply clutching the edge of the building with his hands in anger, " im nothing like him........ i-i cant be....." he muttered again reasuring himself but gasped to see two robbers taking money out of a bank across the jalan and running away from the upcoming sirons...
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posted by Mclovin_69
Bloodmist threw a punch at Whiteshadow but was kicked back and rolled back onto his feet, " looks as though anda havent kept your practice dear brother " Whiteshadow berkata flipping his sword around and getting in a fighting stance. Bloodmist glared under his mask, " atau i havent been in the mood for hurting people Shadow..." Bloodmist berkata in an annoyed tone. " Well i dont understand why anda try to change yourself when anda really cant brother....." Whiteshadow said, Bloodmist was filling with rage at his brothers words, " anda can never be good " Whiteshdow finally berkata before Bloodmist snapped,...
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posted by NekoTheif
This is what BelovedRobin wrote before letting me finish this Chapter. As anda know Writers Block is a killer.
(this section belongs to BelovedRobin)
Keeping composure was something Charm was known for, even if he held a smirk while he did it. Pressure on him was just a feather, however..

"I thought we were teammates?!" Elementi coughed up blood onto the forest floor, but hell he is not backing down. "Why are anda attacking me?!"

"You're just a scapegoat."

Staggering to keep balance, Charm pulled back the dirty dried blood hair. His teeth baring and with a tooth missing he did not care. All this...
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You're an asshole.

Preach sister, preach!

You seem to be in a good mood. Mind telling whats going on in your paradox of a mind?

What is happiness?

By dictionary terms the state of being happy and happy mea-

What can we include to be happiness? Is it our own discretion atau is that text book answer anda gave me?

I didn't even get to say what the defination was because yo-

One would say to be your lover anda feel this "happiness" but I've known men and women who was disgusted sejak the very name and thought of their Cinta one! atau maybe it's to feel total confidence and truly satisfied of your work atau anything,...
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***these are rachele_X's OC's, I'm just too lazy to sign out and sign back in as her, so I'm posting them from this account.***

Name: Thunderblade
Secret ID: Jackson Adrian Cohn
Age: 12
Appearance: Jackson has longish messy blonde hair, blue eyes, and freckles. He wears red glasses, a red t-shirt, a blue jacket, khaki shorts atau pants, and sneakers.
Powers: Jackson can communicate with metal, and therefore has very high swordfighting abilities. He also has limited magnetism.
Speed: 40%
Strength: 85%
Agility: 85%
Intelligence: 80%
Personality: Jackson is shy, semi-quiet, slightly awkward, and kind of a...
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posted by Robin_Love
Recognized: Shade B0-21
Becca ean into the room, flipping over Wally, who was sparring with Artemis.
“Becca!” Wally shouted.
“Sorry!” Becca said, dashing out of the room.
She went into the living room and quickly ran through.
“Sorry Merc! It won't happen again! sejak the way, make out in a closet seterusnya time!”
Something whooshed past Becca, and she stopped. She waited a saat before jumping to hang from the ceiling. She heard a very painful crash and a loud curse. Erin came racing back and looked at her.
“Sheesh Bec! Calm down! I was just going to hug you!”
“Sorry Erin!”...
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posted by Robin_Love
“I can't believe we did that!” Becca berkata on a laugh.
“Hey we were only kids! What did anda expect?” Kai asked.
“I know! Man, we were crazy.”
Kai smirked, looking away. Becca narrowed her eyes, the smile still on her face.
“What's that look for?” she asked.
“What look?” Kai asked, eyes innocent.
“The look that says 'I have a different memory'. The one anda always have when we talk about those old times.”
Kai smirked again.
“That look! Tell me!”
Kai got up, sauntering away. Becca raced after him, but he moved faster than she did. He stood across from her, the sofa in between...
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posted by SilverWings13
Told from Silver Wings POV
I had been in plenty of cool places before (most of which I had clearance to only because of my older brother), but this was sejak far the coolest. The bioship was like something from a futuristic sci-fi movie. The most intriguing part to me, though, wasn't the flashing panels atau the round-room windows menunjukkan a dazzling ariel view of the Gotham City lights. It was the people occupying the seats.
Perhaps a lebih accurate desciprtion of the passengers would be Martian, Atlantian, and young girl with a striking resemblance to the Boy Wonder.
"Robin," the dark haired...
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posted by Robin_Love
Becca dodged another one of Aero's attacks, her leg sweeping behind him. Aero jumped when she tried to knock him on his feet, landing on her leg. Becca held back her scream and moved. Her leg went up, and Aero flipped just in time to escape getting hurt. Becca straightened, getting knocked back sejak a sudden blow to the head. She started falling backwards, and went into a back handspring, landing on her feet. Aero smirked at her and Becca could only block his attacks.
“Are anda dancing Shade atau was that fighting?” a voice asked.
Becca froze for a perpecahan, berpecah second. They thought she was playing?!?!...
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posted by Robin_Love
Aero sat in the darkness of his room. Thoughts of a certain hero came to his mind and he wanted to push them away. But she wouldn't leave his mind. The times he had gotten her. Those perfect moments had been spoiled sejak two people, one lebih than the other. Aero threw a dagger at one of the two pictures hanging on his wall. The dagger landed in the spinal area.
If the junior Flash had been real and not just a picture, he would have been paralyzed. Aero grabbed another dagger, throwing it at the other picture. Straight through the heart. He played with another dagger, cutting himself. He went...
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Chapter Four-

Southampton, England
12:07 GMT April 12, 1912

I knew what I had to do. I had explained myself to Alex and berkata goodbye. I had no clue how long I would be on the ship atau in foreign nations such as the United States. 

But my mission still stood. I had to stop James from blowing up the ship and killing 2,000 people. While the 100,000 onlookers watched everyone boarding the ship through the plank, I snuck onto the ship via a window. I climbed into the secret compartment I had built and stayed there.

Approximately eight minit later, at 12:15 p.m. on April 12, 1912, the Titanic left...
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Nicole slowly opened her eyes to see black smoke, and fluttering ashes falling to the ground. She sat up and rubbed the ashes and remains of blood from her face. Robin moaned and sat up fixing his crooked mask. Nicole coughed as part of the building fell to ground stirring up lebih smoke and ash. Robin had a cut on his forehead, and blood was dripping onto his mask. 
"Where's B-b-batman?" Nicole stuttered out her words as the overpowering smoke filled her lungs. 
"No idea." Robin wiped blood off his forehead. 
"What even happened?" Nicole coughed.
"Joker blew up the place. But where's bats?"...
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posted by AislingCarterYJ
***just a Rawak little one-shot I decided to do. I was bored.***

“Why aren’t anda whelmed, Roy?”
The voice came from behind where Red Arrow was sitting, and he whirled around, doing a double take. Its owner cackled, a sound quite jarring, coming from the deep, serious voice of Kaldur’ahm.
“So why aren’t you? I can do it again!”
Red Arrow was too out of sorts to stop him, so before he knew it, his chair was knocked flat, as well as blasted to smithereens, sejak bolts of glowing water. “Aqualad? What on EARTH happened to you?”
At that moment, Robin sulkily walked past, bare feet dragging,...
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posted by EclipseYJ
Phoebes POV:

I could say like the rest of my team that I have nightmares, which I do but not like anyone else's but I can't really say that can I? I haven't seen any of my other Friends night mares. I have heard what happened in them especially with the x-men. The children and teens of the Xavier mansion liked to talk to me about them because nothing scared me, plus they were the only ones who knew of my past so they felt like I could relate, which I could! 

It gave me a strong bond with them and vice versa. They also liked to tell me secrets because I could keep them, I knew everyone's business...
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posted by TOTALIzzyluver
I'm Penulisan a new fanficion. I haven't exactly titled it. (i typed it on my ipod and on there i titled it eeeeee and i don't think it exactly....fits)
So there will be 4 new OCs and i know you're all probably sick of all thee insane-o ocs on this spot but anda people annoy me with your's so i'll annoy anda with mine...ahhaaa im totally kidding some of your ocs fasinate me

So basically these 4 characters have their own little hero team jig going down

Hero Name: Razor
Secret I.D: Lola Valten
Gender: Female
Powers/Abilities: Weaponary and combat expert.
Basically, Lola was born...
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*** Yes, I just decided to give it this name, because thats how I have it titled in my word document.... It's pretty weird, I know... But in this part I just kind of made it up as I went along... FEATURING BECCA!***

“Let me make one quick call. I have a friend who wanted to join.” Heather smiled and pulled out a cell phone out of her pocket. “Oh, yes! One lebih villain to make me feel uncomfortable!” Mercy mumbled. Joker put his arm on her shoulder, “So! You’re one of…. Heather’s friends… Are you?” He gave out another laugh. Mercy pushed his arm off her shoulder and looked...
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Nicole ducked as a laser beamed zoomed past her.
"Training simulation over." The computers voice echoed the empty cave. Nicole got up and dusted herself off.
"You failed, again." Batman pulled his kowl, cowl up and rubbed his nose.
"How?!?!?!" Nicole looked around for a blue speck indicated she had been hit. Bruce picked up a piece of her white hair and showed it to her. "Here" He dropped her hair.
"You're joking right!" Nicole threw her arms out.
"If that was a desecration beam, you'd be dead." Bruce frowned.
"Bruce, there's a fine line between crazy and super crazy and right now you're flirting with...
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posted by MercyYJ
Umm, I'm not quite sure how to tell anda guys this... But I don't think I gave anda the full story from when I went out on my failed vacation.....

I actually DID leave because Heather, Jacob, and Tanner were having issues... But those issues were with the police! Jacob had gotten into a little "spat" with Ra's Al Ghul, so Heather called me up to try to make peace between the two because I'm the only person she knows who can put up with a villain and NOT feel the urge to snap their neck. It didn't go as planned, Jacob started to use his powers, and I ended up getting pushed through a window and...
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posted by InfinityYJ
"Slade... did some stuff..."
"Kaylee, that doesn't tell me anything I don't already know."
"Russel's pretty much my baby brother. atau older. Depends on your view on how clones are-"
"Right, right, sorry."
The two girls sat in a room with a real rumput rug and Bunga bed. Kaylee sat in a small field of carnations. Everyone else was downstairs, eating up. Fin was demanding an explanation for Kaylee's new 'brother.'
"It was that... that bastard!! He messed up the first DNA sample and accidentally made a guy anda instead!! Then Slade has the freaking nerve to send Rus after me,...
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posted by KatRox1
***This is probably the quickest it's ever taken me to put up a new part. I blame the lack of kickboxing classes this week.... I still am not 100% sure what I will tajuk it, I want a few lebih ideas before I decide, so if anda DO read it, please komen on what anda think it should be titled!***

“Yeah, I’m bored now.” Heather stood up from where she was siting on the couch. Mercy took one last throw of a handful of popcorn before she realized that Heather had moved, letting the popcorn fly everywhere. “We could go to the beach!” Mercy suggested. “No, anda always want to go to the beach!”...
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