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It was 8:00 sharp and the whole JL and YJ were crowded around Artemis's room. Even Bats was there to see the action. Robin held a glass against his ear and the door.
"I haven't heard anything since anda guys came" he replied glancing at the league.
"Me neither" Conner replied using his super hearing. Supey nodded in agreement. Barry stepped up.
"Why don't Supey and Conner use x-ray vison and-"
"No!" Supey and Conner shouted at the same time. "I'm not invading my teammate's personal space" Conner crossed his arms while Supey glared at Barry.
"Let's wait until they come out. I could get my camera I...
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*Disclamer Alice, her look and weapons are from a game called Alice Madness Returns please support the offical release*

Name: Alice Liddel (But is technically Phoebe Rouge)

Villain name: Alice (duh)

Age: 13

Appearance: Exactly the same as Phoebe in every way

Costume: Blue dress, White blood stained apron, Stripy tights, black leather boots with 5 buckles on each boot, kalung with the symbol of Omega on it

Powers: rama-rama, taman rama-rama Dodge (her body can turn into blue and black Rama-rama and alih around in that form), rama-rama, taman rama-rama Jump (can jump and drift higher and longer that a normal human), Teapot cannon,...
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posted by Denelys
 Harly Quinn
Harly Quinn
Where am I?I looked around to see Junior Justice there watching me.
Iee!!!!!!Nan Dakoya?!?!
"Uhhh Im not jappanese soo Rob wanna take this one?"Kid Flash added.
Onee-chan where is she!'I keept looking but I did`nt find her round the room,I was tied to the bed.'
"Dove!come in here!!"Kid Flash added
She is awake??'I thought I told her to not get involved.'
"Onee-chan are anda okay?"Dove came close and looked down on me.
Hai,I would kill anda if anda were`nt My beloved Onee-chan.
"Domo?Oh anda mean what anda told me,But they are such good people."
'She does`nt get it does she?'
Onee-chan we are leaving now!I...
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For all those MM peminat-peminat out there...
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