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 Yami Bakura
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This Yu-Gi-Oh foto contains anime, komik, manga, kartun, and buku komik.

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Source: If anda ever feel like drawing her, do so. But please don't call her your own character.
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 Sweet,and kind.
Sweet,and kind.
(with Yugi,and Mana in the floor...)
Yugi leaned away,and Mana,and him both couldn't help but blush tomoto red. "I-I...." Yugi was at a loss for words. "It-Its alright Yugi...." Mana said,and hugged him sitting up. "Mana?" "Yes Yugi?" "Would you....Go to Yami,and Tea's wedding with me....As m-my...." Yugi trailed off,and sat back away from Mana. "As your date?" Mana ask. Yugi looked down, sighed,and wispered. "Yes..." "Of chorse I'll go as your date!" Mana exclamed,and bounced onto Yugi,putting them laying back in the floor, with Mana ontop of Yugi this time. They both blushed,and Mana got...
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