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143_teenwolf berkata tentang Teen serigala, wolf
I still cant believe that Allison died !!! Wait! i have a question! will they continue for a another season?? like season 6,7,8 but I want Allison to be baacckk...... telah diposkan hampir setahun yang lalu
TW_FAN21 dikomen…
Currently we are going into season 5B Jeff Davis berkata at comic con that season 6 did get approved as for Alison that is upto Crystal Reed, She wanted out and talked to Jeff about it. hampir setahun yang lalu
Articuno224 dikomen…
Allison's death sadden me a lot too... But I also think it helped the tunjuk evolve and it brought up a good stoyline... I mean emotinal stuff is always the most powerful! So it may sounds strange but I was both sad and happy they she died... (Not happy but anda know, the tunjuk would never get anywhere if it didn't start to change somehow). And like TW peminat says Season 5B will start on January 5th. And Season 6 have also been confirmed :D... As for Allison returning, it's up to Crystal Reed and Jeff Davis... But I personally think it kinda ruins the storyline of her dying and all, it makes that moment seem pointless. But Yeah Allison will always be missed and I hope they mention her a bit lebih in the show! hampir setahun yang lalu