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  • Favorite TV Show: 馃挌Teen Titans, Pokemon, Steven Universe, Alvin and the Chipmunks, South Park, Coronation Street, Regular Show, Full House, and Total Drama Island馃挌
    Favorite Movie: 馃挏The tupai, chipmunk Adventure, Chipwrecked, Zootopia, WALL-E, Big Hero 6, Inside Out, and Trouble in Tokyo馃挏
    Favorite Musician: 馃挋Ke$ha, Rae Sremmurd, Avril Lavigne, Twenty One Pilots, and AATC馃挋
    Favorite Book or Author: 馃挍This World We Live In, The Perfect Score, The Lightning Theif, and Big Nate Books馃挍
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NagisaFurukawa- memberikan saya prop untuk my comments
In reply to your komen on a tinjauan on Digimon peminat Club. @chibi if anda think Digimon is stupid. Than i soalan why your even apart of this club. Get out now. We don't need anda to posine the good Digimon. And ruin it for the fans. I don't understand why anda had to say that about Digimon. Leave the peminat club if your gonna start calling Digimon stupid.Jerk! :/ link telah diposkan 路2 hari lalu
Chibi-Chipette dikomen…
Wtf I telah diposkan that komen 9 months lalu and you're just seeing it now, and that's the only thing I remember doing on the Digimon club. 路2 hari lalu
Riri567 berkata …
Hi telah diposkan 路2 hari lalu
Chibi-Chipette dikomen…
Wassup Riri 路2 hari lalu
Seanthehedgehog memberikan saya prop untuk my images
Hey. How's the new tahun going? Off to a good start? telah diposkan 路15 hari lalu
Chibi-Chipette dikomen…
It's going well so far, thanks for asking. 路15 hari lalu
NagisaFurukawa- dikomen…
Nice. glad to hear that. 路2 hari lalu
NagisaFurukawa- dikomen…
My tahun is in the middle. Could be better. 路2 hari lalu