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    Favorite Movie: To much to senarai but I do Cinta Alpha and Omega
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Chidori1334 berkata tentang Alpha and Omega
someone should contact Nostalgia Critic to request him for reviewing A&O1, I still am waiting for him to review it, unless that probably would go to Tamera on “Tamera’s never seen” telah diposkan ·9 hari lalu
Chidori1334 dikomen…
atau NC would probably do another “I will never review” (highly doubt he’ll make that bahagian, atas 11 for part 2) ·9 hari lalu
SentinelPrime89 dikomen…
I doubt he'll ever review A&O. ·8 hari lalu
Chidori1334 dikomen…
seterusnya thing he’ll review lebih good films we like ·7 hari lalu
thealphaboyz berkata …
Im still fucking alive my dude telah diposkan ·10 hari lalu
Chidori1334 berkata tentang Alpha and Omega
idk if anda guys saw my dinding but I said: I FINALLY saw A&O7 and A&O8 telah diposkan ·18 hari lalu
Chidori1334 dikomen…
because of my former irl friend finally forgived me where he also loves A&O (he still needs to catch up on 3 - 8) ·18 hari lalu
Chidori1334 dikomen…
if it wasn’t for his “ex girlfriend issues” then I would be stuck not watching 7 & 8, especially to text him scenes ·18 hari lalu
Zach-Coley dikomen…
Cool! :D ·18 hari lalu
Chidori1334 dikomen…
yeah, so in other words: I finally completed all 8 ·17 hari lalu