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menjadi lelaki

What would anda do if

9 answers | my answer: Um....well, if she was hot, then I'd probably stare...


4 answers | my answer: I see nine dogs. Maybe you're 9? I KNOW, you're be...
The Simpsons

Do u think Homer will look hot if he was skinny?

14 answers | my answer: I'm thinking lebih in the line of... "Peter Griffin...
Personal Computers

Please help me learn!

1 answer | my answer: anda can take a college course. I liked my computers...
Permainan Video

Post the most handsome male game characters (including the older ones)

4 answers | my answer: Ethan Mars from Heavy Rain, of course.
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Guys/Male gamers: Post the hottest and sexiest female game characters

2 answers | my answer: I think Janna from League of Legends is hot.
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Post a game that has sexual innuendoes and suggestive themes as well as sexual references

1 answer | my answer: Probably all the Leisure Suit Larry games lol. Tho...
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Post a game that has one of the best and the most awesome background Muzik and keseluruhan soundtrack in gaming

6 answers | my answer: Hmm, I don't know about the best one. I Cinta a ton...
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Having issues with camera angles in games nowadays?

2 answers | my answer: The camera is a little weird in Monster Hunter 3 Ul...
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Do anda think Video Games are too expensive?

4 answers | my answer: $110 to $130 Holy shit, and I whine about the $35...