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  • Spanish Town, Jamaica
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    Favorite Movie: Disney Filem
    Favorite Musician: TLC, S Club 7
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324anna memberikan saya prop untuk my articles
I just really enjoy your articles. telah diposkan ·16 hari lalu
JNTA1234 berkata tentang Disney Princess
I know we've had lebih than enough modern/revival/remake bashing but eh, it is what it is. I was watching a video sejak this YouTube channel mjtanner, and they were complaining what the Aladdin remake is gonna do with Jasmine's character. Because the makers seemed to be fixated on the fact that the original fell in love, even though Cinta was NOT her main goal, but according to the way Naomi Scott and the writers talk about her it was. telah diposkan ·16 hari lalu
JNTA1234 dikomen…
And they're also gonna make melati, jasmine lebih focused on her royal responsibilities, being a good ruler as one of her motivations. Doesn't that kinda contradict the one of the main aspects of her character? She was someone who was sick of her royal responsibilities, if she's gonna embrace them, it sounds like she'd be willing to marry for status for the good of her kingdom. ·16 hari lalu
PrincessAyeka12 dikomen…
It would be great to see her get lebih screentime. Anyway who knows how she’ll turn out. anda might end up liking her, I might end up disliking her atau vice versa. atau perhaps we’ll have the same feelings one way atau the other. ·7 hari lalu
JNTA1234 dikomen…
^ Yeah.....in the sequels, after her dilemmas of being forced to marry a prince and lack of freedom were resolved. Making her super dutiful and serious about royal responsibilities contradicts her main conflict in the first film. If she's gonna be like really responsible then it sounds like she would a prince since it's her duty. If she's gonna be like really responsible then she wouldn't shirk her royal responsibilites sejak running away from home, that's how she met Aladdin! ·3 hari lalu
JNTA1234 berkata tentang Disney Princess
I've adding up the results so far the princess ans lists and I'm dying for the deadline, even if not that many people participate, because there's something interesting placements here. telah diposkan ·23 hari lalu
PrueFever dikomen…
Sounds interesting, can't wait to see the results! :D ·23 hari lalu
MissCinico dikomen…
I would’ve loved to participate! Hopefully I didn’t miss the window, I can’t wait to check out the results as well! ·22 hari lalu
PrincessAyeka12 dikomen…
Can't wait for the results! Been looking ke hadapan to this since putting my lists up. ·9 hari lalu