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Anyone else think Chuck might be God?

7 answers | my answer: If anda put all of the information we have together,...
Siri-siri Twilight

in the twilight soundtrack, wat band sing the song "i caught myself"?

4 answers | my answer: Paramore.
Siri-siri Twilight

What songs are on the New Moon Soundtrack CD?

1 answer | my answer: 1. Death Cab For Cutie – “Meet Me On The Equino...
Siri-siri Twilight

heres another pic of rob really being disgusting!

6 answers | my answer: Aw, give the guy a break, LOL. I actually think the...
Siri-siri Twilight

Theres alot of Filem that come out with games.If the Twilight Saga came out with a game for Nitendo Ds,playstation atau xbox360 etc. what would the game be like?

1 answer | my answer: I think Filem based on the buku are enough, TBH....
Siri-siri Twilight


3 answers | my answer: I can make banners. Just give me the pics. :')

Can anybody recommend any bands to me?

6 answers | my answer: I really like the bands anda mentioned anda like so,...
Gossip Girl

Does anybody know where I can find Gossip Girl Screencaps? The best would be for every Episode. Thanks for your help.

4 answers | my answer: youkn...
Gossip Girl

What happens to Nate and Serena in the season finale of GG season 2?

1 answer | my answer: Nothing happens,really.Except a couple of few cute...
Gossip Girl

In What Episode Does Chuck bass Try And Jump Off And A Roof And What Episode Does Blair Tell Chuck She Loves Him Whilst Chuck Is Getting Into The Limo? Many Thanks x

2 answers | my answer: Chuck tries to jump off a roof,Vivtrola to be exact...