Caspian Loïc Curran

Fanpop sejak December 2018

  • Male, 15 years old
  • Georgia, United States of America
  • Favorite TV Show: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
    Favorite Movie: The Lion King II
    Favorite Musician: Sabrina Carpenter
    Favorite Book or Author: Eragon
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TheLefteris24 memberikan saya prop untuk my comments
No worries at all. I recall anda mentioning the trip. Was curious how it went. Travelling is Love, Travelling is Life. Hope anda had a fun time in Peru. Welcome back in any case. A break right now is very much needed. I can understand that. I wish anda the best of luck with your studying as well !!!! telah diposkan ·35 minit lalu
TheLefteris24 dikomen…
I'm good myself. After finishing with my Exams in universiti I have the whole Summer now to laze about. That being said, trying my best to make progress in various things. Shortening lists and getting back to certain activities of mine !!!! ·35 minit lalu
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hei there. How have anda been? Is everything going well? telah diposkan ·6 jam lalu
Blaze1213IsBack memberikan saya prop untuk my articles
Oh alright and I knew anda went on your trip but I got a bit confused when anda got back cause it felt so quick.XD ...and damn I actually was hoping for myself to go on trip but it's hard traveling with my grandma since she's in a wheelchair so am not sure where going anywhere this year. Maybe later this year, who knows. I been pretty good just been kinda taking a break from Fanpop some days not all but I still get on everyday, just maybe not respond the whole day. Also her birthday was pretty telah diposkan ·18 jam lalu
Blaze1213IsBack dikomen…
peminat also we watched Detective Pikachua was alright movie but only enjoyed it cause she was there lol. ·18 jam lalu
Blaze1213IsBack dikomen…
...and oh maybe anda had a crush atau something. I feel a lot army's bias are there crushes though lol. ·18 jam lalu
Blaze1213IsBack dikomen…
Even though that might be the reason, only guess cause usually a lot people's reason's for being a fan....and sorry to hear about the violence part in your life in people around you. ·18 jam lalu
Blaze1213IsBack dikomen…
Though either way hope the trip was selamat, peti deposit keselamatan and fun, I can't imagine myself going to Peru without thinking of violence because of the news LOL but I know anda shouldn't always be afraid to travel because of things like that. That stuff can happen anywhere. ·18 jam lalu