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Elbelle23 berkata …
NICCCCCCC <3 hei telah diposkan satu bulan lalu
rachel713 berkata …
hey! :D how've anda been?? telah diposkan satu bulan lalu
xoheartinohioxo berkata …
LMAO I'm mad anda took a bulan just to explain that anda were calling me a cheater :D Such a PITA!!

♥♥♥ still Cinta anda though <3 telah diposkan ·2 bulan lalu
Nicolas97 dikomen…
HAHAHA I had truly forgotten about it! What’s a pita?? ·2 bulan lalu
xoheartinohioxo dikomen…
Pain In The Ass. ·2 bulan lalu
Jessica-89 memberikan saya prop untuk my images
I Cinta your Woody and Buz ikon did anda make it? telah diposkan ·2 bulan lalu
Nicolas97 dikomen…
No! It was saved on my folder for years so I don’t remember :; ·2 bulan lalu
Jessica-89 dikomen…
ok thanks ·2 bulan lalu
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Happy birthday, my dear Nico :) telah diposkan ·3 bulan lalu
xoheartinohioxo berkata …
Lmao holly just admit that you’re pulling a Lucas in all of these


I'm so confused, what does that mean?? telah diposkan ·3 bulan lalu
Nicolas97 dikomen…
LOL because Lucas cheated and the results were so fitting ·2 bulan lalu
makintosh memberikan saya prop untuk my images
A prop for your TBBT icon. *right on the feelings* telah diposkan ·3 bulan lalu
xoheartinohioxo berkata …
I'm still crying over Endgame </3 telah diposkan ·4 bulan lalu
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For your satc tinjauan-tinjauan <3 telah diposkan ·4 bulan lalu
mooshka berkata …
Miss our idiots. telah diposkan ·5 bulan lalu
Nicolas97 dikomen…
ME TOO <33333 ·5 bulan lalu