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The Last Song

quote your faourite line from the movie/book!

3 answers | my answer: “Truth only means something when it's hard to adm...
Ariana Grande

do u guys Cinta atau like atau dislike ariana i <3 her

10 answers | my answer: Definetly LOVVVVVVEEEEEE Her...she's so cute...!!
The Avengers

Who is your kegemaran Avenger?

63 answers | my answer: My favourite will always be The Mighty Thor and The...
The Expendables

Who is your kegemaran in The Expendables?

3 answers | my answer: Stallone
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Which is your favourite film of Schwarzenegger collection?

3 answers | my answer: My favourite movie starring Arnold...would be none...
Flynn Rider

Update on Tangled short " Tangled Ever After"

4 answers | my answer: Luv so so so much!!!