I've Forgotten How Cringy I Was Back In The hari

Fanpop sejak February 2014

  • Male, 16 years old
  • awan City, The Unknown
  • Favorite TV Show: JoJo's Bizzare Adventure
    Favorite Movie: The Bronx Tale (what a classic)
    Favorite Musician: I do not have a kegemaran musician but my two kegemaran genres are Rock and Jazz
    Favorite Book or Author: Meh, not entirely sure.
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Sableye21 berkata tentang Mainkan peranan rawak
Damn. Its been a few years since I've actually roleplayed here. So many memories were established here. So many friends. Just peeping in to sort of relive those memories. Sad this place is basically dead but all things come to a close sooner atau later. If you'd like to relink, my Discord is: Nothing#2812.

Come say hi and whatever. I'd Cinta to reconnect with some vets of this club as well as Rawak people just passing by. Uhh...yeah :,) telah diposkan satu bulan lalu
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Hi telah diposkan ·8 bulan lalu
Sableye21 dikomen…
hei how are anda LOL ·7 bulan lalu
Sableye21 berkata …
anda guys have no idea how much I am cringing at the fact that I used to be so illiterate and just...corny. How did I manage to have Friends back then. telah diposkan ·8 bulan lalu