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  • Favorite TV Show: STEVEN UNIVERSE, SVTFOE, AND CAMP CAMP!!!!~ I Cinta Ruby, Jamie, Kelly, and angkasa Kid so much!!!! Jamie is my fictional boyfriend~ No doubt about it!
    Favorite Movie: Wizard Of Oz, Howl's, Robots, Labrynth, Toy Story, atau Alice In Wonderland :3
    Favorite Musician: None. I like alot of them!
    Favorite Book or Author: ???
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SmolKitten berkata tentang Robots (2005)
OMG THIS MOVIE!!! Omg, my past account ((APHFINLAND)) was here SEDRFTGYH-
But anyway, Piper is amazing and I enjoy watching the robot dance thing on the DVD! telah diposkan ·2 hari lalu
SmolKitten dikomen…
Piper has to be my fav one, yet it seems like nobody likes her LOL!!! ·2 hari lalu
melodybryant dikomen…
i like her she is so funny! ·2 hari lalu
SmolKitten dikomen…
YAS!!!!!! Though, my fav BG character still has to be the red wind up box robot thing... Idek it's name..? LOL- ·22 jam lalu
melodybryant memberikan saya prop untuk my comments
hi! telah diposkan ·14 hari lalu
SmolKitten dikomen…
Hi!!! ^^ ·10 hari lalu
SmolKitten berkata tentang Todomatsu :3
Oh wow.. Can't believe this used to be me.. telah diposkan satu bulan lalu