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SwordofIzanami berkata tentang Rawak
Jesus Christ, these Eeveelution peminat-peminat needed to calm the fuck down. Majority of the Eeveelution peminat-peminat (not including CokeTheUmbreon) were blindly nagging at a PokeYouTuber for uploading a video about Glaceon being bad at competitive. Can't these people be reasonable and grow up already?

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BlindBandit92 dikomen…
Fandoms that are reasonable? They exist?? satu hari lalu
zanhar1 dikomen…
^ satu hari lalu
Riku114 dikomen…
Pretty sure 90% of them didnt even watch it. Glaceon is probably my kegemaran Eeveelution but Glaceon REALLY isnt that good in competitive. Doesnt keep me from using it and training it semi-competitively (I do pretty much everyhting BUT IV breeding) ·14 jam lalu
SwordofIzanami berkata tentang Rawak
Can someone please tiebreak the countdown tinjauan I have posted? I don't want to make a tiebreaker tinjauan and wait for a hari atau two.

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Karoii-chan dikomen…
Hope that solves your issue! ·5 hari lalu
SwordofIzanami berkata tentang Rawak
Am I lucky that one of my video game series had always released the games on my birthday month? Because I always had an excuse to buy as my birthday present. telah diposkan ·7 hari lalu
ben15delas dikomen…
That's awesome ·7 hari lalu