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One pokok bukit

do anda think this is a good idea to buy a cd for a guy anda like?

13 answers | my answer: Well if its his B-day I think that's a great idea!!...
Buku Untuk Dibaca

Ok, so i've read the whole House Of Night Series, All the Twilights, Host, The Immortal Series And Vampire Academy. Theyre all amazing. Is there any other good vampire series' out there like these? Are those Morganville Vampire buku good?

7 answers | my answer: anda can read "Vampire Diaries" sejak L.J.Smith The...
Buku Untuk Dibaca

Do anda recommend me reding " Vampire Diaries" atau should i watc the show. Which one has lebih susspense?

2 answers | my answer: Both of course are amazing!! Both stories are compl...
Buku Untuk Dibaca

Does any1 know any good buku out that anda recomend?

1 answer | my answer: I Cinta "Vampire Diaries".. =) my kegemaran book/seri...

Which movie made anda cry?

108 answers | my answer: The Notebook.. The Time Traveler's Wife.. PS. I Lov...
Filem Seram

who's your kegemaran horror movie?

14 answers | my answer: A Nightmare On Elm jalan (the original) I totally...
Siri-siri Twilight

Are anda 100% proud to be a twilight series fan?

31 answers | my answer: 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 %...
Siri-siri Twilight

If u could have 1 hari with a vampire that is not Edward who would u choose

22 answers | my answer: DAMON SALVATORE of course!!!!! from the vampire dia...
drake and Josh

ok I'm 17 but am I the only teenager who still watches this show?

18 answers | my answer: No =) I'm 17,5 and I Cinta this tunjuk too^^
Three Days Grace

What's your kegemaran song sejak Three Days Grace?

19 answers | my answer: 1) Time Of Dying 2) Gone For Ever 3) I hate every...