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  • menyeberang, cross academy, vampire province
  • Favorite TV Show: Anime series, and my fav channel : animax! :D
    Favorite Movie: umm....many!:P...lazy to write....all time favourite Ḣἀᶉᶉẏ ᶈởᶋᶋᶒᶉ
    Favorite Musician: well for me it depends on the song lebih than the musician... ;P
    Favorite Book or Author: harry potter and some selected authors! And i can see that ive started Membaca lot of mangas lately!
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applebear123 berkata tentang Shokugeki no Souma
Season 3 started!!!!!! :D telah diposkan ·13 hari lalu
big smile
applebear123 berkata tentang Shokugeki no Souma
It is one of the series which has thebestcast ! telah diposkan ·13 hari lalu
applebear123 berkata tentang Anime
omg i never knew prince sama season 4 came out until now! :O T^T telah diposkan ·13 hari lalu