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Post a beautiful/attractive Anime girl.

32 answers | my answer: I forgot her name and the Anime but she's really pr...

Post the main character of any anime.

37 answers | my answer: shin~!!!!! <3 from Amnesia >.<
Naruto Shippuuden

is this picture from any episode ?

6 answers | my answer: umm.. sorry i feel like i've seen it and i cant rem...
Gakuen Alice

Is Natsume dead!?!?!? In the latest chapter (Volume 26 chapter 163) Natsume stops breathing!!! Is he dead????

15 answers | my answer: No, Natsume is alive!!! :) hotaru sacrifice herself...
Hiiro no Kakera

How did anda discover "Hiiro no Kakera"?

3 answers | my answer: i found it on!! :)
My Kandi Cinta

Hey, when is episode 11 coming. X3 i cant wait any more.

1 answer | my answer: Its actually out now.....^^
Fairy Tail vs. Naruto

Who does Natsu want to be with?

1 answer | my answer: Lucy atau Igneel!!! ;)
Winx vs. Trix

When will be episode 14 out (winx club)?

2 answers | my answer: i heard that they are taking a mid break this seaso...

contest-1= post the best image of vampire knight

3 answers | my answer: Yuuki~ <3 "Secret!~" It may not be the best but...