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Who do anda like better Selena Gomez atau Miley Cyrus?

41 answers | my answer: Selena Gomez, she is a far better singer than Miley...

Do anda agree that Aladdin is the worst film ever with boring and terrible music?

16 answers | my answer: Nope, Aladdin is one of my kegemaran Disney Filem a...

Does any one know what album 'Doncamatic' is on? I thought it was the Plastic pantai album, but when i got it...NO DONCAMATIC D:!! SOMEONE PLZ TELL ME!!

2 answers | my answer: Calm-down-I'll-help-ya.Try-looking-for-the-CD-singl...

First impression of Gorillaz?

6 answers | my answer: My first impression of the Gorillaz was when I saw...

Which couple is better? Sasusaku (sasuke x sakura) atau Naruhina (naruto x hinata)?

25 answers | my answer: Mine is NarutoxHinata. They look so cute and sweet...

Naruto peminat-peminat :D

40 answers | my answer: Female/male: Female Age: 18 (19 on June 12) Do yo...

My friend and I always discuss this XD Do anda wanna try answer?

31 answers | my answer: want as a best friend?: Hinata and Temari want a...

Who had the sadest death?

28 answers | my answer: For me, it's gaara's death and Lady Chiyo death.Asu...

who is the strongest jounin in the hidden leaf

12 answers | my answer: Kakashi and Gai

who would anda like the most between the uchiha brother: sasuke atau itachi?

17 answers | my answer: I-think-Itachi-Uchiha-is-so-much-better-than-his-yo...