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connor3 berkata tentang Disney Princess
So, Disney announced its new animated movie and I guess it may feature a princess number 15? atau princess-like character, since I know they are not adding characters to the franchise anymore, yet Anna, Elsa and Moana still appear in many multiple-princess shared media. The movie is supposed to be called 'Dragon Empire', be set in Asia and not be a musical. What we know is that two main characters are heroine named Jan-Nin, and Bolin, who is her 900 tahun old mentor. telah diposkan ·12 hari lalu
MissCinico dikomen…
This sounds so cool, Disney's doing some lebih PoC so that's always nice. It's confusing as to why it's not a musical it's kind of Disney's thing when it comes to Filem that don't take place in modern day. Looking ke hadapan to hearing lebih info about it. ·12 hari lalu
Sparklefairy375 dikomen…
Is that another adaptation of folktale atau an original story? Never heard the news before until I saw your post here. Also the premise seems like it's another movie feature Chinese culture, a mix between Mulan and Kungfu Panda I guess xD ·12 hari lalu
InMyCountry dikomen…
In my country 15 is an unlucky number in my country. ·10 hari lalu
connor3 berkata tentang Filem Barbie
Possible info on the new movie? Lately it was rumored there is supposed to be another movie set in Dreamhouse Adventures' continuity at the end of the year, and the tajuk was to be 'Go-Kart Power'. Now, the rumor started on sites like wikipedia etc., so I thought it is false. But lately it spreaded on the other sites, that while not official, I consider much lebih reliable. And if anda ask Mattel about it on social media, they answer that they can't say anything about it. telah diposkan ·13 hari lalu
connor3 dikomen…
I mean... if it would be false, they would surely just berkata something like that is not in the works? But they say "they can't say anything yet". ·13 hari lalu
XTinkerBellx dikomen…
I can't find any sources, and it got taken off Wikipedia for not having a source, so it's probably fake. Where did Mattel say they couldn't talk about it? ·13 hari lalu
Sparklefairy375 dikomen…
So there's still no confirmation about seterusnya movies. I personally think Mattel (and whatever animasi studio they have cooperation with) was seems lebih focused with project of Dreamhouse Adventure, as it seems lebih selling than typical fairytale Barbie movies. Idk just my personal though. I agree with what FairyElina and BarbieRosella said. ·5 hari lalu
connor3 berkata tentang Filem Barbie
Did anyone notice how Dreamhouse Adventures really contradict what we saw in lumba-lumba, ikan lumba-lumba Magic, even though DM is supposed to be the pilot movie for this series set in the same universe? Like, I suspected they wouldn't mention DM events in the episodes to not confuse people who didn't watched the movie. But they made Barbie not believing in the magic in one of the episodes, when she just supposedly became a friend with the mermaid. Also, it was mentioned she and Ken are still in school? telah diposkan ·20 hari lalu
connor3 dikomen…
Plus she and her sister can't now sing, but they did in the movie? Oh well, perhaps it is the same universe but the series is actually set before the DM. Who knows... ·20 hari lalu
XTinkerBellx dikomen…
These are good points. I don't think lumba-lumba, ikan lumba-lumba Magic was ever advertised as a pilot, just a Dreamhouse Adventures special. I think you're right about lumba-lumba, ikan lumba-lumba Magic being set after Dreamhouse Adventures, atau the continuity doesn't make sense. ·13 hari lalu