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connor3 berkata tentang Filem Barbie
hei guys! Bad news! The Filem are discontinued :(. One of the producers told me that. There is one lebih movie coming in 2020, that is made as a special for Chinese market. However, they told me what we can do to bring Filem back. Since I can't siarkan any names atau contact info here, anyone really interested in helping please message me. telah diposkan satu bulan lalu
nmdis dikomen…
I'll contact old members for the same satu bulan lalu
BarbieRosella dikomen…
...are not for display but for play. Back to the movies, even though I would like to have lebih (and maybe try to go back in those fantasy-themed Filem atau something like Princess Charm School), I want them to tunjuk what Barbie really is in the Filem than in the series they're making. They can separate movie Barbie from those if they want to, but clearly they don't want to. So what they could do right now is at least they should listen to their fans/customers and try to bring the Barbie we used to know. The 2010 and older Barbie, they would blow up I'm pretty sure. But if they don't and just stick with what they have then sorry, they're gonna go bankrupt soon. Just my thoughts. satu bulan lalu
sparkletoes dikomen…
Sad news satu bulan lalu
connor3 berkata tentang Disney Princess
I just realized that after Disney will pasti Little Mermaid cast soon, the only princess left to turn into live-action will be Snow White. Who do anda think should play her? telah diposkan satu bulan lalu
notbrandyss dikomen…
Katy Perry satu bulan lalu
BB2010 dikomen…
I really hope Disney doesn't do a live action remake of Pocahontas. If they do make a Pocahontas remake I hope they don't use that made up story John Smith told everyone which ended up being the plot for the animated movie. satu bulan lalu
Sparklefairy375 dikomen…
I think there wouldn't be a Pocahontas remake as most of remakes Disney have been done are the popular ones, and Pocahontas is not. satu bulan lalu
connor3 berkata tentang Disney Princess
anda can tell racism is alive and well when people attack Disney for racebending... Lady from live-action Lady and the Tramp, because Tessa Thompson was cast to voice a dog. telah diposkan satu bulan lalu
notbrandyss dikomen…
I think the casting there was a mixed opportunity, for I would've preferred something like, a Lady and Tramp humanized story where the romance is between a white Lady and a Chicano Tramp...But we all know Disney is afraid of pairing up white women with men of color. satu bulan lalu
ajotma dikomen…
I definitely prefer Rey/Finn over Rey/Kylo, I hope we get lebih interracial romances with a man of color and white woman. satu bulan lalu
AudreyFreak dikomen…
No, actually, it's people like brandy who are bent Kylo gets in the way of their Fantasi self insert ships who are racist. Especially Finnreys who have been saying awful stuff about Adam Driver's looks and Rose and her Vietnamese actor. Most Reylos are fine. Weird how only those pristine white girls are good enough for your kegemaran moc. ·13 hari lalu