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dashley berkata tentang Dan and Blair
This tunjuk had never really offered much. Sleep with every guy anda meet, drugs, parties, scheming and plotting. And now finally the abused girl is running back to the abuser just for the sake of Cinta though there's one guy who truly cares for her and indeed she enjoyed his relationship too, for some time.
Besides entertaining viewers don't the showrunners have some moral obligation to disseminate the right message to the teenagers. "Go back to your abuser if that's the guy anda love" LOL! telah diposkan hampir setahun yang lalu
rere14 dikomen…
I agree with you! I know they want the tunjuk to be scandalous, but chair relationship has menyeberang, cross the line, If they want chair to be end game, they need to make a story that proper for it, how can a girl who have been traded for a hotel, emotionally broken and lose herself because of a man, beg him to take her back? Just forget for a moment anda are chair, dair, nair peminat-peminat and look at this plot, as a girl how can they tolerated this? hampir setahun yang lalu
dashley dikomen…
We are ranting here about social obligation but the showrunners are only concerned about money. Whatever conclusion brings in lebih money that's the winner of the day. Go to hell with right atau wrong. Should discourage teenagers from watching this suicidal show. hampir setahun yang lalu