Nancy Duckers

Fanpop sejak October 2010

  • Female, 41 years old
  • Kerkrade, Netherlands
  • Favorite TV Show: House
    Favorite Movie: Saw
    Favorite Musician: Within Temptation
    Favorite Book or Author: Face book =)
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pacufka berkata …
I'm speechless. I bought a cane-shaped lollipop this morning. But I think your idea is better, since it's not fattening like mine. telah diposkan hampir setahun yang lalu
big smile
ducky1977 berkata tentang House M.D.
hei House peminat-peminat
I know i'm insane but i just had my new tattoo done. A portret of House. Like to know what anda all think about it? Drop me a message..Thanks to all telah diposkan hampir setahun yang lalu
lovehugh dikomen…
Hi Nancy , if this is a real one its a very radical thing to do , but it shows how much anda Cinta 'House'....if its a temporary one its a great fun thing to do and I would have it on my arm very often too , xx hampir setahun yang lalu
ducky1977 dikomen…
Hi lovehugh (nice to meet you) Yes it's a real tattoo of House (Hugh) and i also have a 'H' tattood on my fore arm The House 'H' =) His portret i have on my legg (as there was not much room left on my body) So now i can carry him with me where ever i go untill the end of time. xxx take care hampir setahun yang lalu
ducky1977 dikomen…
Why should i be mad Huddy-4ever it's everyone'd own oppinion =) hampir setahun yang lalu