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what was anda fav film in the 80s

24 answers | my answer: wowzers!!! so many i loved and its 'tween Valley Gi...

kegemaran 80's High School-Based Movie.

8 answers | my answer: wow thats a toughhhhhh soalan with so many good m...

Need some help guys!

8 answers | my answer: I think the "central perk" coffee cup that was ment...
Christina Aguilera

Is Christina and her husband really seperating?

6 answers | my answer: according to the artikel i read on yahoo, they have...
That 70's tunjuk

season 4 episode 15, tornado prom. wanting to know Muzik being played in background while Eric kissed Donna and explains how he went to the dance and forgot her. No lyrics to it just music.

1 answer | my answer: I'll watch it again and if im wrong i'll post again...
Hilary Duff

who is cuter hilary duff atau hailey duff?

12 answers | my answer: no contest--hilary!
Jamie Lynn Spears

do anda think Jamie Lynn is prettier then brittney?

9 answers | my answer: Never thought i'd say it but yes I do think she is...
Avril Lavigne

Is this Avril?

11 answers | my answer: Looks like a pretty cool pic whoever it is, but nah...
Avril Lavigne

Post your kegemaran picture of Avril ? Prop's will be telah diberi !

17 answers | my answer: As I berkata when I telah diposkan this originally, with all t...
Avril Lavigne

What are some songs anda think Avril should cover?

5 answers | my answer: I think she'd do a kick keldai job of doing "Middle of...