Abigail Temperance Cuddy Cullen!! <3

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  • Amerika Syarikat
  • Favorite TV Show: BONES, BUFFY, DOCTOR WHO, pushing daisies, house, firefly,
    Favorite Movie: gone with the wind, marie antionette, Breakfast at Tiffany's, across the universe, My Fair Lady, Mamma Mia, Rent TV:BONES, house, tscc, gossip girl
    Favorite Musician: Florence and the Machine, Neon Trees, MUSE!!! Katy Perry, paramore, flyleaf, , THE BEATLES, the who, mcr,Panic! and a ton of other crap.....
    Favorite Book or Author: twilight saga, gone with the wind, jane austin, wicked,anything Meg Cabot, atau Jodi Picoult, millenium trilogy, hunger games
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