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Grey's Anatomy

Did Katherine Heigl really shave her head?

3 answers | my answer: She was sejak Letterman and she told that it was a bol...
Britney Spears

I heard Britney's new song "3" and I loved it :) did anyone else?

12 answers | my answer: Yes. I loved it (:

Dr Green gets a stroke...

1 answer | my answer: The One Where Joey Speaks French. Season 10, Episo...
Dawson's Creek

Whatever happened to Bessie's baby?

3 answers | my answer: Bessie & Body's son was shown several times during...
Dawson's Creek

why did they change the theme song?

4 answers | my answer: The reason it changed is because it costs a lot of...
Celine Dion

hei guys, can anyone tell me how many albums she has released :) ? I have about 8 albums with her but i want them all xD

2 answers | my answer: Bahasa Inggeris studio albums 1990: Unison 199...

How many album r there?

1 answer | my answer: Studio albums: 1997: Aquarium 2000: Aquarius...
Heartbreak High

where can i watch full episodes of heartbreak high???

2 answers | my answer: anda can download all the episodes here: link...

when ikon and banner gna change

2 answers | my answer: When the owner change it ;)
Pacey and Joey

What is the best pacey joey episode?

10 answers | my answer: Castaways ♥