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post an Anime character with blue,black atau white hair!!:)

60 answers | my answer: Isn't Hyoma cute?! i think so.

GIRLS soalan ONLY!!!

16 answers | my answer: hamtaro, Angelic Layer, My Little Pony.....stuff li...

Will anda accept if anda kegemaran Anime character proposed to marry you.

57 answers | my answer: Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...

What shall her name be?

5 answers | my answer: Hitomi??

post a Emo Anime boy

8 answers | my answer: A crappy drawing of mine

Post an Anime character anda hated at first then liked!

28 answers | my answer: Shiho Haibara from Detective Conan. Awsome anime! I...

post an Anime character with a mean lokk

23 answers | my answer: Kyoya Tategami from the Beyblade Metal Saga <3 <3

Post a pic of your kegemaran Fantasi creature

21 answers | my answer: Definitely fairies!!!

Do anda believe in ghosts and seeing things in the future and thing's like that?

28 answers | my answer: THings like this really happen. I have moments wenS...

Have anda ever fallen in Cinta with someone anda shouldn't have?

19 answers | my answer: Totaly. I so wasted my time. JERK!!!!!