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  • ☑ proved to live in LOLBlast, the country of equestria, narnia town, neighborhood minecraft, (✿^◕∇◕^)/)
  • Favorite TV Show: ☑ My Little Pony~! (friendship is magic) (if anda like it too then, Brohoof? §(✿^◕◇◕^)§/) )
    Favorite Movie: ☑ My Little Pony~! (Equestria girls) (& Harry potter)
    Favorite Musician: ☑ カサネ テト (ハツネ ミク モ (ト カサネ テド (カナリ ボカロイド)) (google translate doesn't work (did anda try it? (see?)))
    Favorite Book or Author: ☑ (i'm doing kegemaran book) Minecraft essential handbook, Minecraft combat handbook, Minecraft construction handbook & Minecraft redstone handbook.
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winney345 memberikan saya prop untuk my videos
hai ^_^ telah diposkan hampir setahun yang lalu
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rosy_rainbow berkata …
§(✿^◕ヮ◕^)§/) :) telah diposkan hampir setahun yang lalu
rosy_rainbow berkata tentang Elsa the Snow Queen
correction; Elsa the ICE Queen -_- telah diposkan hampir setahun yang lalu
3xZ dikomen…
Ahem, based on HC Anderson's fairy tale: The Snow Queen, Elsa is both the Snow Queen and Kai. ~_^ Although I agree that in the movie she shows her ice power lebih than her snow power XD hampir setahun yang lalu