jessica nelson

Fanpop sejak September 2014

  • 18 years old
  • bostin, United States of America
  • Favorite TV Show: sonic undergourned
    Favorite Movie: scooby doo
    Favorite Musician: i am all i am cursh40
    Favorite Book or Author: 39clies
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kicksomebut23 memberikan saya prop untuk my images
nice profil foto telah diposkan hampir setahun yang lalu
rougethebat21 berkata tentang ROUGE THE BAT
/ hi i am jessica telah diposkan hampir setahun yang lalu
Seanthehedgehog dikomen…
Welcome. hampir setahun yang lalu
stella2015 dikomen…
Welcome to Fanpop hahah hampir setahun yang lalu
rougethebat21 berkata tentang Shadow The Hedgehog
this my point of shadow he Cinta rouge and their mired so why not have fun it just their in Cinta and that fine he save rouge alot becuase of that they are team drak it ture so why not i mean hello Cinta drr it was Cinta at frst siet umm it ok beacuse they have echer lebih then they saved them self. telah diposkan hampir setahun yang lalu
Legithedgehog dikomen…
I respect your opinion but in SA2 no one not even rouge can get through of Shadow amy is the only one can wasn't for her the world and everyone including Sonic would be destroyed. hampir setahun yang lalu
Legithedgehog dikomen…
I respect your opinion to be honest I like shadaze too i'm not like the other Sonic peminat-peminat who hates them. hampir setahun yang lalu
MephadowFan1 dikomen…
yeah I actually like Shadaze too but I still think Shadouge is correct oh and work on your spelling rougethebat21 hampir setahun yang lalu