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in your opinion, which Anime is a lengend???

18 answers | my answer: no offense but out of all of um id say pokemon

which 2 Anime characters do anda want to see fight?

16 answers | my answer: i dunno id say ash(pokemon)and yugi(yu-gi-oh)

Who is your fav Anime character that uses: magic, alchemy, bare ._. , atau any other weird-thing that's not really considered a weapon? XD

44 answers | my answer: yugi
Family Guy

Should Stewie finaly destroy Louis?

9 answers | my answer: yeah definately shes gotta die
South Park

Do anda Like Kenny?

5 answers | my answer: Yes hes funny when he always gets killed
South Park

Do anda Like Kyle?

10 answers | my answer: Yeah hes kind caring and smart and my 2nd favourite...
South Park

hei do anda know which episode kenny takes his hoody off =)

4 answers | my answer: no i dont i wish i did he looks cool
South Park

Does anyone know where I can get a little Mp3 file of that ninja song in that ninja episode of Southpark?

5 answers | my answer: nope but i wish i did
South Park

If U Could tarikh A South Park Charcter Who Would It Be?

48 answers | my answer: Clyde! He's cute to me Cinta him xxxx
South Park


66 answers | my answer: I think Kenny because I'm too shy to talk to a boy...