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Girls Generation/SNSD

Your Best Vocalists and Best Dancers Rankings :)

56 answers | my answer: vocalists: 1. taeyeon 2. tiffany 3. jessica 4....
Girls Generation/SNSD

senarai Your SNSD From the Prettiest to the Least Prettiest.

149 answers | my answer: I'm not gonna rank but here's my komen-komen on their...
Girls Generation/SNSD

Who is YURI's best friend in SNSD?

63 answers | my answer: I think Sooyoung
Girls Generation/SNSD

who is yoona boyfriend?

82 answers | my answer: it's PSY!!!
Girls Generation/SNSD

guys u know yuri birthday after 5 days

8 answers | my answer: After hearing the lesbian rumor, I Cinta Yuri lebih :...
Girls Generation/SNSD

Post kegemaran Picture Of Hyoyeon♥

15 answers | my answer: this link...
Girls Generation/SNSD

I have some soalan

7 answers | my answer: 1.Why most of people Cinta yoona lebih than tiffany...
Girls Generation/SNSD

who talk the best english among snsd ? ( after tiffany and jessica)

43 answers | my answer: Sunny and Seohyun both have lebih accent than Sooyou...
Girls Generation/SNSD

Round 9 - Sooyoung

12 answers | my answer: at David Letterman