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1968 Romeo dan Juliet oleh Franco Zeffirelli Which Dress of Juliet's do anda like the best?

23 fans picked:
Juliet's Red Dress?
Juliet's Green Dress?
Juliet's Death Gown?
juliet's orange&browh Dress?
Juliet's purple Wedding Gown?
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 JulietAtHeart posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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jaimeejaye picked Juliet's Green Dress?:
I love her in Green
posted hampir setahun yang lalu.
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JulietAtHeart picked Juliet's Red Dress?:
Yes JaimeeJaye! I too love the color of dark velvet green on Juliet. But with all of her dresses, I cannot help but be drawn to that magnificent Red Dress, which makes her face looks softer & porcelain-like, & against her dark hair really makes her best features stand out to me. To be quite honest I really do admire ALL of Juliet's Dresses! WOW! What a clothes selection that she had! LOL

"My" own Romeo & I hope to have a Renaissance type of Wedding in the Future, where ALL Guests are Encouraged to dress in those type of elegant wear (especially for the ladies!). To have a GIGANTIC Bonfire outside where Guests can mingle or dance around the fire. I want to hire Jesters, Jugglers, Flame Swallowers, & to have them mingle with & Entertain the Guests. I would like to hire a Renaissance Band to only play those types of middle-age songs that are actually quite beautiful! I will serve assorted beer, wines, some assorted sodas, & cool lemonade or lemon water, cider, & serve the drinks in Copper cups, mugs, & steins. Just like they did WAY back when!

I would VERY MUCH like to find a Seamstress who can make Juliet's Red Dress for me; & also make my husband Romeo's attire to be similar to the outfit he wore at the Capulet Party. It was a BEAUTIFUL & RICH Royal Midnight Blue, with Gold strips on his upper wear that it just gleamed in the light!

Also, sometime in the middle of the night, I want a Professional to teach ALL of the Guests, & my Romeo & I, the Moresca Dance. With each Guest receiving a wristband of "jingles" around each of their wrists (like the movie). Most of all, I would be SO Happy to see EVERYONE just having A LOT OF FUN by learning this New, but quite Historical Dance! :D Once we have the Moresca Dance pretty much understood by Everyone, we would then attempt to perform this Dance ALL TOGETHER, & to the Best that we possibly can.

The Band that will be there will play the "Moresca," as Everyone just enjoys the Dance & ALL of the Fun that goes with it! :D I would very much like our Wedding to be Unique. To be the Wedding Dream that Romeo & I talk of often, & I would LOVE it to be “down-home,” Fun-Loving, Warm & Welcoming, & Comfortable for ALL of the Guests. And a Wedding that will not only match our Dream, but also to have our Soul Mate, In Depth Love to be felt & spread around to ALL who are there to Celebrate Our Love. We would Love for ALL OF OUR GUESTS to go home at the end of the Evening Celebration of Love, with a Smile on their faces, their Heart filled with MUCH Love, & a Cozy Warmness that Life IS SOOOO Good!

My Romeo and I want to get married in Verona, Italy, at the "same" Church that the 1968 R&J film version has those two marry in. Wouldn't that all be SO cool! And the men Guests will be the ONLY ones who can wear a mask, IF they choose to do so. I will have an Assortment of Masks available for the male Guests to choose from. And it will be of NO COST to them for picking one out, wearing it, and then taking it home for a Keepsake.

I am thinking of having a Midnight Ceremony, AFTER the Reception, so that everyone can start mellowing out a bit. I want to give Each Guest a White, Non-Drip, Taper Candle, to hold in their hands, as my Romeo & I get Married. After the Ceremony, I would think that MOST will be tired, & they are Welcome to retire shortly thereafter. The male Guests can take home their Unique Mask that they chose to wear, which is also theirs for a Keepsake of our Wedding. On departing from the Wedding, EACH Lady will receive a Fresh, Brilliant Red, Long-Stemmed Rose, wrapped in Lace. For those who still wish to stay a while longer, they are more than Welcomed to do so. They can sit on a lounge chair around the bonfire, tea at that time will also be served, along with the other Beverages. Directly after the Ceremony, my Romeo & I will cut the Wedding Cake for the Guests to eat on Location, or to have it put in a nice box, with a White Satin Bow wrapped around the box for them to bring it home in.

And as some linger after the Ceremony, they are Welcomed to do so, until the Wedding closes around 2:00am.

*sighs* I SOOOO HOPE that this Dream of Ours WILL come True, & WILL in AT LEAST, about a Year or Two from now. … *sighs heavily & dreamily*… OH! JameeJaye, I Pray that the Good Lord hears my Prayers, & that this Wedding Dream of Ours Will One Day be the REAL DEAL!! NOT just another Dream...

Well, once again, Thank You for your Friendship, JameeJaye, & perhaps if our paths walk long enough into the future, that I will have thee Honor of Inviting you to our Wedding! AND, if you are pressed to buy a plane ticket & a stay in a Hotel, I shall make it a point to take care of those expenses for you! AND TRUST ME, It is NOT that I HAVE TO, JameeJaye; it will be because I WANT TO... and THAT IS the difference, my Friend! When I give, it comes from the depths of my heart & of my soul. When I can Give, I LOVE SO VERY MUCH, TO GIVE ALL THAT I CAN!! And NOT “JUST” in Monetary ways, but by being a very good Friend, sharing my Love with others, being Empathetic, Caring, and to do ALL that I possibly can do to make this World, that I was born in, a little bit better place to live in, than when I found it! :D

I hope that you like the Idea of Romeo & My Wedding Dreams!

God Bless You, JameeJaye!

With Blessings of Love,

a.k.a. JulietAtHeart; juliet_at_heart; Juliet2Heart; Juliet Montague; and just "Juliet." ;D

posted hampir setahun yang lalu.
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PociandSmith picked Juliet's Death Gown?:
It is gorgeous.
posted hampir setahun yang lalu.