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4minute’s HyunA revealed her high school graduation foto last month. Now, a foto from her middle school days is causing much chatter on the internet, as peminat-peminat swooned over her pretty appearance.

In the photo, HyunA appears to be walking utama from school while talking on the phone. It seems that HyunA had a great figure, even when she was in middle school.

This foto was taken around the time that HyunA debuted with the Wonder Girls. It shows a different charm from her current image as a sexy member of 4minute.

4minute is currently working on the production of their seterusnya album which is set to release in April.
4minute’s variety show, “4minute’s Mr. Teacher” finally aired its pilot episode through E Channel on January 19th.

The tunjuk aims to bring in ‘pretty-boy teachers’ from different countries in order to tutor 4minute on foreign languages and cultures. Ultimately, the goal is to help them with their overseas advancements.

Their first episode had the girls walking the red carpet in pyjamas – did we mention it was in negative degree weather? The ladies of 4minute had to perfect their poses and deliver an impressive performance in freezing temperatures, but it seems that they managed to...
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On June 18th, 4minute’s maknae Sohyun left a post on their official fancafe celebrating the group’s saat anniversary.

Her post read:

“Two years have already passed since 4minute debuted. There’s been a lot of obstacles since then, but it was because of our peminat-peminat that we were able to find strength.

This album was our first in a while so we were under a lot of stress, which naturally affected our health. Our fans’ support was a lot of help, so even though we didn’t promote for a long time, it was a really fun album for us.

There are peminat-peminat that are upset over our short promotion cycle,...
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Source: fuckyeahkimhyuna.tumblr.com and Facebook
After steaming up the Muzik scene with “Change” last year, 4minute’s fierce HyunA is back and ready to release her first solo mini-album!

allkpop has just received word from CUBE Entertainment that two new jaket foto-foto have been unveiled today for HyunA’s mini-album. The jaket foto-foto will be displayed on Televisyen monitors inside the nationwide convenience store chain, GS25. The chain has over 5000 outlets in the country. According to the press release, the displays were timed to coincide with the morning rush hour.

In the first picture, HyunA can be seen menunjukkan off her pure white skin in a swimsuit, holding a baseball and chewing bubble gum. She makes a dramatic transformation for the saat photo, and the 4minute member can be seen proudly displaying her mysterious tattoo and striking a fierce look at the camera.

HyunA first made waves last January with her first debut single, “Change”. The 20-year-old rising star’s new mini-album will be unleashed on July 5th.