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Chapter 9- Song for the Lonely

December 1st was the funeral of Cynthia Grace Carter. Landon, Susie and Hegbert planned the funeral. The last few days it was just too hard to
describe. The Taylors helped in every way they can. Jamie and Hegbert were walking around. Jamie tried to calm down her father.

"I can't believe she's gone," berkata Hegbert

"Dad I'm so sorry," berkata Jamie

"This is like when anda mother died, I can't believe Cynthia is dead too" berkata Hegbert.

Hegbert went away and Jill came up to Jamie.

"Jamie I am so sorry," berkata Jill

"Thanks Mrs. Taylor" berkata Jamie

"Call me Jill," berkata Jill

"I couldn't"...
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Chapter 3: Morning that was supposed to be sorrowed

Landon woke up seterusnya to the window. He stretched his arm and he felt someone seterusnya to him. He looked over and he saw Jamie Sullivan.

He felt her short brown hair and he saw her eyes still closed. Landon looked at his appointment book and no meeting for a doctor in sight.

Landon looked as happy as he can be.

Jamie woke up and she saw her husband looking at his appointment book.

"Good morning Carter" berkata Jamie

"Good morning sweetie" berkata Landon

Landon moved in to Ciuman Jamie. Jamie got up out of katil and she got dressed, she put on a white sweater...
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I'm on my way to work with my new lavender car. I can see again huge and tall buildings but of course our company is the tallest. It is like the Twin Tower but magenta in color and with glass like a diamond that sparkles every time. I'm the general manager of our company and I will replace Dad a tahun from now.

My office is not like an ordinary place. It has living room, dining room and my private room. In the living room anda can see a huge, red, round sofa, a thirty inches flat screen TV and a computer. In the dining room have a big round wooden meja, jadual and a two-door refrigerator. My private...
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