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The night air was cool as Landon laid in katil seterusnya to his wife, watching her sleep. It had been three months since they were married, and every hari Jamie's health declined. However, being the woman she was, Jamie didn't let it stop them from having the best time they could.

His Friends had taken some convincing, but once they saw how much he loved Jamie, they started to come around. He was shocked sejak how much Dean had changed his attitude. He had apologized for everything, and even accepted her as a friend.

As he watched her sleep peacefully he knew that he didn't have much lebih time left with...
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I got this on Dvd last tahun and I was watching it. It is a very sad film. The story begins where a popular guy named Landon Carter has to do community service after a prank goes horribly wrong. He meets this geeky girl named Jamie Sullivan. But what he doesn't know is that she has leukemia. Of course he falls for her and the story goes on. Mandy Moore was excellent as Jamie , and Shane West who acted like a total jerk yet anda start to like his charcther as the movie progresses. My fav scene ah its gotta be the one where he kissed her when she finshed the song Only Hope how cute. Also I like the ending


He marries her in the end where her mother got married . And 4 years later Landon who is now in medical visits her dad and he says that Landon was Jamie's miracle. Of course in the end he says anda can't see the wind but anda can feel it.

Rating : 9.5/10
One of the most beautiful Cinta stories, And an amazing song. Hope anda enjoy! All Rights Reserved. Movie- A Walk To Remember
A Walk To Remember
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