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Should I buy this?

Okay, so there's a game I like. I play it with my friend during night time. The game has an expansion DLC that offers three characters from the game. However, it costs $8.99. For an Indie game, that is pretty expensive. It's a baru-baru ini expansion so it might not lower in price. Out of the three characters in the expansion, I only really like one of the characters. I was playing the beta game and I'm able to play that character for free. So far, he is my kegemaran character in the game. I can't play the characters in the normal game unless I get the DLC. I don't really have much money, so $8.99 is expensive and to be honest, very overpriced. Should I buy it anyways in hopes that the one character will be completely worth it anyways?
 EgoMouse posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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MephadowFan1 said:
no, because if anda only like one character why buy it, After all anda need to use your money wisely and lebih carefully. If anda liked almost all character then anda should buy it otherwise don't even think about that game.
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posted hampir setahun yang lalu 
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