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camiile posted on Apr 17, 2011 at 10:01AM
Who do you prefer Alois and Claude or Ciel and Sebastian? Why?

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hampir setahun yang lalu bloodydetective said…
alis cause he's sexy :D
hampir setahun yang lalu NarutoCrypt said…
alois, i juss love him so much! and his wiggly tongue! XD
hampir setahun yang lalu Animeanimal said…
Ciel and Sebastian is my fav but i still LOVE claude and alois' relationship XD

Ok here is why i love them -------->

The answer to why I love this shipping is b/c it is so limitless. The boundaries of love are pushed to the limit with this pair. Anything that is "taboo" about love in our society is there. Ciel is but only a child, they are both male, and Sebastian is a demon......but Ciel has made an everlasting impression on this particular demon and has taught him to love........if only just a bit. It doesnt matter what you think the future holds for can change in an instant. Sebastian WAS merely out for himself in the beggining, but has grown very close to the young lord since then. Gender has NOTHING to do with the love in your life. The mistake alot of people often make is that love is confined to gender and age and race and whatever else........but love has no rules and wheather you are loving your brother or your is the same type of love. There is NO difference. If even a DEMON can see that while the world cant......I feel sorry for us all V.V
hampir setahun yang lalu xXAnya-ChanXx said…
CielxSebby cause Alois is MINE and Claude freaks me out