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Ok so some people asked me if I can provide them a few links. I found them and added informations as requested. Hope you'll enjoy them.

**For the torrents, all uploaders are verified (Gold crown on kickass torrent) and I tested the torrents myself too.

Anything wrong? Let me know!


Download [Torrents]:

Alpha and Omega 3D [French, Bluray]:

Alpha and Omega 3D [English, French, Russian 1080p]:

Alpha and Omega 3D [English, DVD Rip]:link
Alpha and Omega 2: A howl-iday adventure [English, Bluray 1080p]:

Alpha and Omega 2: A howl-iday adventure [English,...
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About a week later Kate and Humphrey went on a date, they went and watch bad teacher on the way utama the were pissed.
Humphrey: man that movie sucked
(kate in a sexy vocie)...
Kate: i know right, but i have other plans when we get home.
Humphrey: whats that?
(Kate chuckled)
Kate: youll see.
They where listen to testament when they speeded past a cop.
Kate: ah shit.
Humphrey: im not pulling over.
the chace went on until they got home.
When they got inside, kate ran upstaris.
Humphrey: what the hell is she doing.
he went in their room to find kate stripping.
Kate: humphrey, can anda crawl into katil and lay on...
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posted by UriahA
Humphrey is pissed at Kate.

Humphrey returned home.
“Hey bitch.”
“Humphrey, I’m not dealing with anda not forgiving me anymore. I’m moving with Garth.”
“Good, I don’t want anda here!”
“And he berkata anda can have Lilly.”
“You want my sister lebih than me!?”
“Now yes.”
“I hope you’re shitting me.”
“No, I’m not.”
“I’m packing all my stuff. And I’m taking the Armada.”
“What! I get the Armada and anda get the Civic.”
“Nope I called it first.”
“Damn it!”
“You know you’re an Omega that was lucky to have me, now you’re being...
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posted by AlphaKate123
I really Cinta Alpha And Omega. It is my kegemaran movie. I'm so glad that I have the DVD of it. My most kegemaran character is Kate. I can relate to her because I had to be a leader of my Friends at my old school. This is a great animated movie. I can tell the people put their time into making it. I would recommend that anda see Alpha And Omega if anda haven't seen it yet. The songs are so good and it has humorous scenes. It's Serigala and really funny. I Cinta the beginning but I would change it sejak menunjukkan Kate at Alpha School. Her father looks like Humphrey but their bulu is different shades. I also...
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posted by MagicalTerms
In case some of anda didn't know. This peminat page was created a whopping 7 years ago. I came to this peminat page 5 years ago. I was on and off on this website and I haven't been here in maybe 3 atau 4 years. I had fallen in Cinta with Alpha & Omega. Wanted to see as many different happenings as a could. Though the sequels did not make me too happy: being without Justin Long atau Hayden Panettiere, spanning a short 40+ minit for each sequel, and the animasi being extremely lazy. This page allowed me to throw my ideas for sequels and stories based on the movie out there. Including one that put me...
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(Ever wonder if Humphrey had any siblings? Like a long Lost sister? With a dark past? Who he truly cared about. But was later forgotten. Let's find out.)

Night time in Jasper Park everyone is asleep.The moon glows Bright in the sky full of stars. The crickets are heard and the river flows, perfectly. However, Humphrey is not asleep.

Humphrey walked around in circles around the den. He had been doing this for about five hours, already.
His mate Kate was sleeping with Stinky, Runt and Claudette. Runt was sleeping on the den floor with Stinky sleeping on bahagian, atas of him. He didn't seem to mind. Claudette...
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posted by RayJamesRaywerc
Tommy Lee drank a glass of water and set it on the meja, jadual in the cafeteria.
Lily heard footsteps of giants bom! bom! bom! bom! bom! Stinky: Ohhh nooo. Humphrey blocked the mouth and the Stinky Claudette, Kate blocked the mouth Runt Tommy Lee and Daria stopped up the mouths of their four children. The tiranosaures-Rex looked at the cafeteria. Tommy Lee whispered tans do alih the T-Rex looks away ok. Tony is on the outside it is on the head of the T-Rex and booomm !!!!!!!!!!!! the head of the T-Rex has exploded. Tommy Lee: Thank anda !!! Tony: There in nothing.
3 minit later ... They surrounded...
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posted by AlphaClub
hei guys! Just was bored, so I decided to create an artikel of facts about me! If anda have any soalan anda want to ask about me, atau givle me a Q&A, say it in the komen section below!!!

1. I Cinta computer tech, and any tech in general. I build my first PC at 13. I am 14 now. I built my first website at 12.

2. I may Cinta tech, programming, etc., (and dubstep music, although I DO still like country Muzik as well), I am a very big country kid. No joke. Even though I live in the City of Clinton, and a small village of Albany (parents are split, I do a 50/50)

3. When I was born, I had a small...
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posted by jhilton0907
Chapter Two - Heartbreaking Past

Ok, the undian are all in, and I don't usually do this, but I'm going to combine all of the choices. The ones that got the most undian are A, B, and D while C got only 3 votes. This was my best story so far, and I Cinta the idea I had for the story. So, without waiting, here is the seterusnya chapter to A Lonely Omega.

Kate's POV

This past jam had been a lot for me.

First, I fell into a mudslide and was rescued sejak a very shy Omega.

He fed me, and even cleaned my bulu for me.

When I offered him the chance to sertai my pack, he refused because he was afraid of rejection, then...
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This peminat Fic is going to be uploaded before "A New Playmate" will be. To understand what is going on in here, come back when "A New Playmate" is uploaded. A New Playmate is Story one, Ares' Rise of Power is Story 2 in the series. Thanks!

"Ares! Where are you!? Why do anda have to do this to us?" Cried out Claudette. "Oh, hes crazy! He's threatened to kill us all! His training with that assasin serigala, wolf was such a bad idea! He'll kill us all!"

"Claudette, its fine. We'll go tell Grandpa Winston. They will know what to do. After Ares has betrayed us and killed our father, whatever he threatens, he...
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Kate was sitting at the edge of the den looking down on the moonlite park. The breeze blew through the trees and the sky was bright and clear. Kate had a lot of things on her mind but there was just one thing she had to get straight? For the past week atau so KIMs powers were very weak and she wasnt sure why? KIM was always keeping quiet about it and would never really tell her anything? "I think tonite is the night I find out why? Kate stood up and walked to the den and saw KIM lieing inside with her head tucked away underneath her arms. "KIM... she whispered." KIMs head rose, as she let out...
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posted by bossydonkey
 I wish people would put fanmade in the discription
I wish people would put fanmade in the discription
Now a lot of anda heard from some time atau another that alpha and omega 2 will come out sometime this tahun however berkata release dates keep shifting making us all wonder if its really true. April 1st has come and gone and on the page wiki its was very certain about this release tarikh being april 1st 2013 so can we believe them still.Well now it says the release will be between may 5 and may 12 its april 11 so with that in mind there 20 to 30 days left till its release and yet there are no trailers? And what trailers are out there now? peminat made trailers with recolored characters and shuffled scenes...
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Snow C-3
(An Alpha and Omega Story)

Disclaimer: This chapter contains scenes of violence, blood, moderate language and upsetting scenes.
Read at your own decision!

Chapter 3: Rise of a new wolf.

(The seterusnya morning)
(Violets POV)

Yesterday was probably the luckiest hari of my life I think I've met my one true love, one to Cinta an caress in my arms for life. But that was yesterday and today is the start of a new, miserable hari because it was raining... Oh how much I hated it when it rained. Lilly was walking towards me with her head slouched to the ground with sad expression spread across her face.

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posted by ztarx5
Hello everybody! I here for a new series call The Alpha and Omega Games. This story is the line of the HG (Hunger Games) with the Characters of A and O. I will not stop this series so I hope u enjoy this story! Well anda ask so here part one. BTW Kate and Lilly mom is Courtney. The reason Eve isn't there parent because I put her as Effete.
WARNING Please Read Rating
Violence: 1/4
Sex: 0/4
Language: 1/4

Before Chapter.

POV 1st President Wilson

In this nation there is 12 district. Before that we had 13 but been bomb. Why is there 12? Well there was a mighty war back...
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WARNING: Minor sexual content

It took nearly a week before Kate and I finally crossed the Canadian boarder back into Montana. The massive winter storm that had ravaged Canada left a kot of ice on the whole entire Alcan highway, and even into Montana. The average speed was 45 mph. Both Kate and myself were bored, even with the Muzik on my iPod, I had slightly over 3,000 songs, but they had all played twice atau lebih sejak now. Nights when we stayed in the shabby motels at the truck stops, we tried to pleasure one another, but to no avail. I never realized how hard it was to have sexual intercourse...
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This is just a flashback Eve had in the story Ba'al.

It was in 12th grade. It was the final hari of school when Ba'al finally fought back. Well, he didn't really fight back but it was the last time Humphrey and his Friends ever picked on him...

It was lunch jam when Ba'al flipped his mind on Kate and broke Humphrey's nose and Garth's arm.

Ba'al was walking to his own meja, jadual where the light would shine on him. He sat down and began eating his food. He then heard giggling and laughter. He ignored it and continued eating. Next, he felt something slightly hard and wet splash on his back. He immediately...
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posted by Katelover13
chapter 1

A grey serigala, wolf walked through the halls of the white house. He stepped into a room with a beautiful, young, goldish-tan serigala, wolf known as Kate, texting on her phone.

"Hey sweety" The grey serigala, wolf greeted.

"Hey dad" Kate greeted.

"How are anda holding up?"

"I'm bored, when can we go home?" Kate asked.


They heard heavy footsteps walking towards the door. Two Serigala in black Suits walked in.

"Winston, we need to talk".

"Okay, bye Kate. I'll see anda in a little while" Winston said."Okay bye dad" Kate said.

Winston walked with the two Serigala down the hall, and through a door. In the small room, where...
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posted by tinyhades
Chapter 1: Married Life

Humphreys POV

This story started the night of when the movie ended

I'm so happy I cant sleep Kate is right sejak my side my childhood crush is finally my wife.

she is so beautiful in the moonlight. I don't know what I was thinking, becoming a lone wolf. The only flaw with Kate Isn't even to do with her but her mum someone I've always feared I'm afraid to even look at Kate when she’s there.

Flash back

back in Idaho meeting Marcel and Paddy. To dancing in the Biker's/Wife's van To log hal naik eretan, menaiki kereta yang ditarik down the mountain being chased sejak a bear.

Back to reality:

Time to get to sleep zzzzzz....
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posted by MarvelousAlpha
Please note that this is my first one so menanggung, bear with me. This story takes place right after the movie, but Kate,Humphrey, Lilly, and Garth didn't get married right after the Caribou stampede. Plus with a twist to it. Shakey and Janice, Mooch and Kandi (a minor female serigala, wolf in the movie, one of those Salty tried to flirt with) and Salty and Sweets (the other one) gets married. But I am mainly focusing on Kate's and Humphrey's marriage.

Today was the big day. Today was the hari where all the hopes, dream and fantasies of one little grey serigala, wolf would come true.

Today was the hari Humphrey would be married...
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“Here I am again in the police department” says Humphrey. Humphrey was arrested for gang activitie and he was sitting in a jail cell. He was let free and he went to his car and it’s a 2010 doge challenger convirtble and he drove off and went hom in his den sat kate she was waiting for Humphrey to come utama she was polishing her dual glocks and then Humphrey scared her and she jolted and pointed them at Humphrey and Humphrey berkata “Ah!” Kate growled at him and then went back to polishing them she was angry and she did not like it that Humphrey had snuck up on her
Over at Wolfiey and...
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