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Fireside Revelation...

A= Anakin Skywalker
P= Padmé Amidala

part 1

A: And when I got to them,
we went into aggressive negotiations.
P: “Aggressive negotiations”? What’s that?
A: Well, negotiations with a lightsabre.
P: (laughs)
Anakin moves Padmé’s pir with the force,
then cuts it in two…

A: If Master Obi-Wan caught me doing this,
he’d be very grumpy.
gives the one half back to her.
(both of them smile)

part 2

A: From the moment I met you…
all those years ago…
not a hari has gone sejak when I haven’t thought of you.
And now that I’m with anda again…
I’m in agony.
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 Padmé laughs at Anakin's commet about their Cinta
Padmé laughs at Anakin's commet about their love
Padmé was extremely grateful that she and her husband were finally together again.

They had been apart for five long months because of Anakin's involvement in the Outer Rim Sieges.

She was also extremely relived about how he had taken the news that she was pregnant.

For Padmé had been terrified waiting in the shadows of the Senate Office Building's giant pillar columns wondering how he would take this shocking, unprepared news.

Luckily for her Anakin had not only understood he had been ecstatic.

As she was sitting in her senate pod half listening to the angry debates around her she thought back...
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Teasing A Senator...

A= Anakin Skywalker
P= Padmé Amidala

P: I don’t know.
A: Sure anda do. anda just don’t want to tell me.
P: Are anda going to use one of your Jedi mind tricks on me?
A: They only work on the weak-minded.
P: All right. I was 12. His name was Palo.
We were both in the Legislative Youth Program.
He was a few years older than I. Very cute.
Dark, curly hair. Dreamy eyes.
A: All right, I get the picture.
Whatever happened to him?

P: I went into public service.
He went on to become an artist.
A: Maybe he was the smart one.
P: anda really don’t like politicians, do you?
A: I like...
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