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First of all, if anda think any of these trades are unfair, please don't leave a hate comment, please be polite and say it's unfair and I'll do what I can. So anyway.....

Hey jammers! So today I'll be talking about Animal jem and spiked collars. So many of anda want a spike kolar here, so I'll tell anda fair trades for each color, long and short.

Let's start with short

The claw machine and a short spiked wristband (no black) And add depending on the person
A merah jambu atau purple short collar

Beta kertas dinding atau flooring, rhino helmet, and a lesser value color short wristband
A short orange collar

A long...
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 Miss sleeping
Miss sleeping
Miss Wonky Buddy Was snuggling down on the beautiful Serepia's dark green grass. Fireflies were swiping beneath Miss's torso as she turned over to fall into a log outlined with various plants. The log stung her forehead as she slowly pushed herself up out of her slumber and moaned "Uggghhh.." She placed her cyan dragon sarung tangan on her injured forehead and rubbed it for comfort. Her eyes kept forcing to droop down to continue to sleep. The chain of her hati, tengah-tengah locket got Tangled up from the fall, and her bulu was all matted and messy. She was sure a sight. Luckily she was alone so nobody saw her....
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