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Sometimes we see this when the main character of a story is fighting against an enemy of seemingly unsurpassable might; with no other power to turn to, the main character resorts to teaming up with evil in order to defeat evil. And maybe, maybe, he’ll even draw his strength from this person atau sumber of evil.


(If anda already know all of this, I would encourage anda to skip to the section in bold which reads “The Question”)

Ichigo Kurosaki is such a main character. The Manga and Anime Bleach is easily one of the most popular Japanese comics and television...
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posted by NagisaFurukawa-
 My Anime girl crush.
My Anime girl crush.
Before I begin telling anda how much I Cinta this Anime girl. She is a peminat made character from what I found out she is not an actual Anime character yet.

I Cinta this Anime character. I wish she was real. She loves to play video games and is an Anime Otaku like I am. If she was real she would be my girlfriend. We would hold hand Ciuman and go out on dates with each other. My feelings for this Anime girl are alot. I wish she was real so I can be lebih than best Friends with her. She loves to listen to Hatsune Miku Vocaloids. I wish she was real. Whenever I am in Cinta I go to her and she knows just how I feel. My feelings for this Anime girl. I wish she actually knew how I felt for her. I like to pretend this Anime girl is real. And that she understands how I feel and my feelings for her. I Cinta alot of Anime girls not just this Anime girl.
 I Cinta this Anime girl.
I love this Anime girl.
posted by CaptainDinosaur
Lately, alot of people have been calling other people weebos. Yet, if I were to be called this, it wouldn't offend me. Because I know that that isn't true. I am obsessed with anime, very true, but Is doesn't Anime let me escape from all the sh!t in my life? Sure, I spend all my time surfing the web for anime, but I beleive this word 'weebo' simply does not excist. We watch anime, because it is a better reality, it is an escape from reality. The word 'weebo', does not excist to me. We simply are not weebo's because we watch Anime and listen to japanese music, we simply think that its a better place to be atau something better to listen to. So if anda are obsessed with japanese culture, anda are not a weebo, anda are just someone who is smart enough to see that the japanese culture is much lebih enjoyable then what anda live in. So be proud
and enjoy escaping from the drama! :D

And that concludes my article, Anime: Escape From Reality.

posted by ginei_werewolf
In this artikel i will be talking about kissxsis.

One thing that i feel i need to clear up is watching this does not make anda a pervert. Kissxsis is funny as hell thoug i can be pretty disturbing. I mean i am the biggest anti pervert i know and i still laughed mt keldai of the entire series through.

This seterusnya part is about season two soalan i hear around the web. NO NO NO NO! Ova was not season two atau anything it comes bundled with the Manga in Jepun in other words Ova is still coming out. The seterusnya episode is supposed to be released in November with the sixth volume.

Any other soalan post them here and i will either put them in here atau add another article.

ps i made the imej myself and this is also where my ikon is from. i (screenshotted them)
posted by johnnygondo
Have anda ever watched a tunjuk for the first time and thought it sucked... and then had a change of hati, tengah-tengah and decided to give that tunjuk a saat chance? I've had that happen with me at least two times. The first was with Hetalia, and in the case of that piece of worthless dog-shit, a saat viewing only made me soalan why that series has a fanbase even more.

The saat tunjuk I gave a saat chance was a tunjuk that I "fondly" remember watching as a kid (and I use the term "fondly" loosely in this case). It is a tunjuk that belongs to a franchise that I hold very dear.

That tunjuk is link.

Allow me to...
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Hi! It's been a while. I grew tired of checking out new Anime for a time, and watched an old kegemaran (Elemental Gelade, atau as some call it, Eremental Gerad atau something incomprehensible like that.)

Blast of Tempest: The Civilization Blaster—Yoshino and his angry young friend Mahiro have been pals for a long time, but there’s a secret Yoshino has been keeping from Mahiro. He’s been dating his adopted little sister, Aika. Then Aika is found dead, blood swirling at her feet in the prettiest, most intricate pattern I’ve ever seen blood in. Mahiro vows to kill the person who murdered his...
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An opening to a film is an essential part of a film. Some people might have started watching a particular film for no real reason, so if the film has an unappealing opening, there's a good chance that people will stop watching it. A film's opening is often a way to introduce audiences to the story and atmosphere. There are times where a film's opening might have a different tone than the rest of the film. Sometimes, a film might start off sadder atau happier than you'd expect.

There's one opening to a film that stands out from the rest. The opening I'm referring to is the opening to Pokemon:...
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posted by LunaShay
May 1, 1995 Jackie Gudelhian (Cyber Formula)
May 1, 761 UC Alex Caselnes (Legend of Galactic Heroes)
May 1 Nana Minagawa (Kakyuusei)
May 1 Chouji Akamichi (Naruto)
May 1 Kouichi Mizuno (Tonde Buurin)
May 1 Subaru (Fushigi Yuugi)
May 1 maxi (Soul Calibur)
May 2, 1754 Andre (Rose of Versailles)
May 2, 1986 Jun/Swan Jun (Gatchaman)
May 2 Airs Blue (Mugen no Ryvius)
May 2 Rail claymore (Lost Universe)
May 2 Mizuki Ashiya (Hanazakari no Kimitachi E)
May 2 Roy Bromwell (Rival Schools 2)
May 2, 1968 Hikaru Midorikawa (voice actor) Heero (Gundam W), Tamahome (Fushigi Yuugi), Zelgadis (Slayers),...
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posted by CrescentMoon777

So! I finished the Anime a couple of days ago.
My expectations for this Anime were huge! Mainly cuz the Manga is one of the best Manga series I have ever read, and cuz everyone all over the internet and conventions Cinta it!

And btw, I have only watched season 1 since Kuroshitsuji II just seams to stray way too far from the Manga to me.

So what did I think?
It was such an insult to the characters and the brilliant mangaka that I wanted to throw up!

Ciel is even lebih pahit in the Anime than in the manga. The thing I really like about him...
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posted by NagisaFurukawa-
 Katsura Hoshino the creator of D.Gray-Man.
Katsura Hoshino the creator of D.Gray-Man.
so we did get D.Gray-Man Hallow and the series on going in Dub. And the Manga on going as well. So anything is possible. I pray for Katsura Hoshino the creator of D.Gray-Man's health to be better than it ever was before. Not just for this Anime/Manga series. But because she is a human being like us. And i hate to see anyone die of a sickness for no reason really. Sickness comes to healthy people who don't deserve it. And sometimes unhealthy people who let their body go to wast seem to last longer than some healthy people. World isn't fair at times. It's the cold harsh reality we live in sometimes. But i pray things will go well for her. And anda all. You're welcome.
 D.Gray-Man and Hallow.
D.Gray-Man and Hallow.
 D.Gray-Man and Hallow.
D.Gray-Man and Hallow.
 The subject of conflict
The subject of conflict
{The problematic fave series i was going to continue but i legit have no time but wanted to semi finish this one since i already put a lot of effort into it}

I feel like this is the one that needs the most justification because I have telah diposkan lebih than once my distaste for the Anime "Kokoro connect". I feel like the Anime wastes a lot of the potential for character study sejak force feeding anda their character outline, hurriedly building up drama,only for it to end in a too squeaky clean result with almost no stakes. and while I don't really mind the situations they get into ( in fact i Cinta the...
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 The Planet Da...
The Planet Da...
Planet Dà is a highly advanced technological planet, in which the Mottomo Osoroshis live.
Mottomo Osoroshi is a powerful, highly advanced race. Just like the Tuffles. But Mottomo Osoroshis are stronger than the Saiyans and higher advanced than the Tuffles. And their planet has highly fertile and rich lands. Their nature is very gentle and helpful. Byuti, a female Mottomo Osoroshi is the Queen of the Planet. Everything runs sejak her commands. She is the owner of great wisdom and honour….
20-30 years ago, When Broly the legendary Super Saiyan was nearly destroyed sejak the collective might of the...
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So, Happy Thanksgiving everyone. It's a time for joy, and happiness, so, what better way to celebrate it then to crush all that happiness and bring sadness instead...... Wow, when I say that outloud, I sound like a real jerk. Anyway, the rules are simple, only one Anime per franchise, I had to have seen it, and, it had to have at least moved me in a way. So, with that, lets start the list. (Warning. This senarai contains massive spoilers for anime. Read at your own risk).

10: Nagisa's Death from Clannad: After Story - Now, some of anda may want this to be higher. Please, hear me out first. This...
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posted by Ei-chan31
The recommendation is . . . here anda are!

*If anda want watch Anime that heart-warming, then I think anda should watch Clannad After Story (don't forget to watch first season, atau anda won't get the 'perfect' heart-warming). This Anime can make anda crying easily, so heart-warming!!
-If anda already watch that, then my another picks is Kanon, Air, Anohana-

*If anda want watch something that make anda think, anda better watch Detective Conan. It's really full of logistics and make your brain always thinking when watch this.
-If anda already watch its, I think anda can watch Gosick-

*If anda want watch...
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posted by souleaterlovers
I got bored so, I decided to write this. Hope anda like it. Tell me what anda think in the komen thingy! Thanks! = ^__^ =


In Detroit:

Litia stared at her dad with a bored expression. He ha just told her he was sending her across the country to California to attend a boarding school. He berkata that he attitude had gotten out of control and that sending her there, was actually court ordered. It was either 'The Fresh Start Boarding School for girls' atau a juvenile detention facility. Personally, she thought the saat option would be way cooler. Her snow white eyes never even blinked, they just...
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NOTE: The following stories are for a friend of mine. I just wanted to let anda guys know this. Enjoy.

Taking Chances

It was a beautiful morning. The sun was shining down brightly. It was a very perfect hari to be out and about. For some however, it was a sign of taking another chance in something.

In the house of the Tsukamoto’s, Yakumo was preparing her lunch for school. She was up most of the morning getting things ready. After she finished packing her lunch, she noticed there were two lunches that were wrapped up with cloth. She was surprised but she knew what this meant. “It looks like...
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posted by MissieMidget
Haruhi had enough, this was the straw that broke the camel’s back atau in this case the Kandi cane that broke the reindeers back.
These guys were destined to turn this innocent, fun, sane holiday into the exact opposite.
For instance, the twin elves up to their seducing of the Ouran High School ladies, once again. Along with the blond haired Santa without a beard, a reindeer with glasses and a notepad. A talking gingerbread man with a bunny and walking Krismas pokok beside him.
If this wasn’t madness, Haruhi wasn’t sure what was.
Every tahun this happen but to turn her most precious holiday...
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First, a quick plot description: Sixteen-year-old twins Akiko and Akito Himenokouji haven't lived together for six years, and they're both excited to be reunited. However, things get a bit lebih complicated when their differences in motivations are revealed - Akito is interested in Akiko only as his sister, but Akiko wants lebih than just a sibling relationship...

Story: 3.5/10
Just to make things clear, unlike the majority of people, I don't really look upon incest (consensual, of course) with disgust, and never have. If two people are related and in love, I don't really care what they do, so...
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posted by Sasunaru120
1. The human whose name is written in this note shall die.

2. This note will not take effect unless the writer has the person’s face in their mind when Penulisan his/her name. Therefore, people sharing the same name will not be affected.

3. If the cause of death is written within 40 saat of Penulisan the person’s name, it will happen.

4. If the cause of death is not specified, the person will simply die of a hati, tengah-tengah attack.

5. After Penulisan the cause of death, details of the death should be written in the seterusnya 6 minit and 40 seconds.

How to Use: II

1. This note shall become the property of the...
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Mostly A's: Congradulations! You're a free-style type! Almost every genre of Anime and Manga Suits your outgoing personality. Just cari through any Anime site and pick out an anime, anda may like it! Still, I highly recommend 'Fantasy' for you!

Mostly B's: You're a tragic-style type! Like the A Group, almost any Anime can suit you, but anda absolutely need to watch some sad events atau tragedy atau anda can't get the feeling in. My guess is that anda sympathize with up the character's sorrow because anda may have experienced something similar before atau anda just like to cry with the screen in front...
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