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“I can’t believe you’ve never been to a fair, Edward,” anda said, jokingly punching the boy in the arm as the two of anda approached the booth to get your wristbands. anda were going to get the twenty dollar ones so anda could ride everything without having to use tickets.

“Ow, couldn’t anda have at least punched my other arm?” He said, holding his left arm with a scrunched up face, still feeling the pain from where anda punched it. anda giggled. He had fought so many bad guys without one complaint about hurting, but anda punch him once and he acts like he’s dying from the pain.

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(The following is a non profit peminat based parody. Elfen Lied is owned sejak Lynn Okamoto and Mamoru Kanbe along with Madman Entertainment and ADV Films. Please support the official release)

(Dead bodies everywhere)
Kurama: (Looks around) Dear God
Guard 1: All right men, this specimen is extremely dangerous. And for many reasons. One is that they can kill a man in seconds. Two is that they can block bullets. And three, and this is the big one, she is very distracting
Guard 2: How is she distract-(Lucy rips guards head off)
Guard 2: Oh my God……. She’s topless (Other guards talk in excitement) Oh,...
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Hello everyone, and today, instead of a simple video game list. Well, now, here is a bahagian, atas ten Anime shows. Now, I always loved Anime ever since I was a little kid, and it is still lovable today. So, what are my most kegemaran animes of all time. Well, let me tell anda

10: Bobobobo Bobobo - My god, this tunjuk is Anime is freaking hilarious. It is about a man named Bobobobo Bobobo, but it's Bobobo for short, who uses his hair fighting technique to fight off the evil tyrant Czar Baldy Bald IV and his plans to make everyone bald. This tunjuk is just so crazy and so funny at the same time. If anda want...
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Fairy Tail
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NOTE: The following stories are for a friend of mine. I just wanted to let anda guys know this. Enjoy.

The Talents from a Hero

Yagami High School has a share of gifted, talented students. From Karen Ichijo being the most strongest and lethal to Harima not only being the class delinquent but also a very tough person to reckon with. Within all of these students, they are each gifted in so many ways.

While one of the new exchange students, KC, has her share of talents, there was very little everyone knew about the other one. His gift to transform into Haiwan is his true power, but what he’s gifted...
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