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posted by Atsukokagari
Little Witch Academia is a Anime show. It is a lighthearted tunjuk with sweetness and comedy.

The tunjuk focuses on female witches who go to school. At their school they learn lessons about how to be better at flying and other witch related stuff. The show's main character is Atsuko Kagari also known as Akko. She and her Friends have lighthearted adventures together.

To be honest I didn't have that much interest in the tunjuk early on. It seemed like a simple and overly cute type of show. However things changed after seeing Atsuko Kagari. She instantly seemed like a good main character and she sure...
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posted by Atsukokagari
Hi to anybody who reads this. I'm Atsuko Kagari, but my Friends call me Akko.

In life sometimes things get difficult. Things don't work out as well as they should and stressful things get in the way of happiness. Because of that it's easy to simply give up. However giving up is the worst thing to do.

Giving up might as well be a curse word, because giving up is a truly bad thing to do. If anda want to succeed in life giving up is the worst thing to do. No matter how bad things get there are always chances to make life better. If anda give up on your dreams anda are also giving up on your chances...
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