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posted by mostar1219
Everyone is different,

But some of us have a common fear,

That everyone else is a normal reindeer,

And we're just Rudolph.

I know how that feels.

Some struggle with trust,

Some have different sensories atau views.

Some have abnormal habits,

I'm aware of my habit, yet I still do it.

There are some of us,

Who see what we do is different,

Don't even remember if it's because they're them,

Or because of something else.

Some of us might feel like

A daisy in a field of daffodils.

I hear Muzik and I'm kind of shocked,

To hear my feelings spoken,

From another's perspective.

We might keep our heads in the clouds,

We might...
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posted by Sugarcookie788
Many people seem to have an issue with the organization Autism Speaks. They believe that it makes autism out to be a burden for people who have and for family members. However, as a person who has autism herself I don't believe that's the case.
One large cause of the controversy is how the organization seeks to find a cure for autism. This exemplifies why some believe that the organization suggests that Autism is a disease, therefore displaying it in an overly-negative way. Alternatively, society appears to have an overly-optimistic view of autism. Autism is seen as a cherished gift which results...
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This is me presenting an essay I wrote for a contest at my school, answering the soalan of what I'd march for if I could. I included a lot of groups in society, including autism
mlk essay contest
autism awareness
mental equality
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