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PFEIFFER11 posted on Jun 25, 2012 at 09:17PM
I've seen a lot of Legend of Korra ocs and I would love to see more! Please submit! Here's the template along with my OC Kai

Name: Kai Baoh

Age: 17

Gender: female

Bender/ Chi blocked: firebender

Hair color, length and style: She has long black hair the she usaully has in a braid with long choppy bags that cover her face

Eye color:Amber


Build: a bit skinner than average

History: Kai grew up in a wealthy family being the only bender.She had 2 siblings Lee and Jai. She was taught martial arts with her siblings and interrupted fire bending in it. Her parents weren't to proud to have Kai as a firebender so Kai left when she was 15 and lived on the streets for then on out. She became friends with Bin a earth bender, Rathe a waterbender, Alhasis a water bender and Lon a nonbender. She then went around republic city trying to conceal that she was a bender because of Amon. She didn't get her bending taken away but Her friend Bin almost did.

Personality: She is extremely stubborn and hotheaded. She can be sarcastic but will die for her friends.

Clothing: She wears a long sleeve red shirt with dark red pants and a black tunic with black boots. Sometimes she wears a cloak with a hood to cover up her identity.

Anything else:
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hampir setahun yang lalu wolfmaster3000 said…
Name : Mangetsu Naien

Age : 18

Height : 6'1

Weight: 220LBS

Build : Muscular with heavy detail

Weapon : Engetsu ( katana carried on his back )
Appearance: he has long black hair that comes down to his shoulders he wears a Martail arts out fit consisting of a thick cloth but sleeveless gi, and thick cloth pants and shoes. he also wears a martaill art belt around his waist as well as black cloth gloves. he has a scar going down his right eye and a burn mark on his Left shoulder though it's not bad. he also has a Thick X shaped scar on his chest, he appears rather rugged looking. he also wears a Long red trench coat with his Clan symbol on it's back.

Personality : Mangetsu is a very Cold and cruel person to those he doesn't like or deam unworthy of his time or friendship. he is also honorable and out going. he seems to also have a love for fighting people who think or are stronger than him. He also likes to out do the chi blockers being a Chi blocker himself. he thinks highly of his grandfather but dis-likes how weak he his father and mother seem to be. As he's not afraid of Amon as they are.

Bio : When Mangetsu was first born he was loved. Once he was five he begun training under his dad as a fire bender / swordmaster and his mom under chi-blocking and diffrent chakara's being stronger than his father and mother at age 13 he challenged his father to A duel for ownership of the Fire temple they had founded for young fire benders. Mangetsu got his shoulder burnt and A scar on his face but having beat his father he was the new head of the temple to further incerease his power he went to Train with his Grandfatehr and grandmother to increase his ways. His fire bending got so powerful that when he intensifies it the flames turn black. His body became rather strong and flexiable due to the swordsmanship and chi blocking training. when he was 16 he begun to hunt down and destroy Amon's little rally's once he got word of the Avatar entering republic city he challenged her as well having won he felt that she was not worthy or able to stop Amon. His grandfather later told Mangetsu but his travels and adventures with the Avatar and how he helped fire lord Zuko and Avatar Aang through his life. Having been told the trueth of his grandfather he than joined team Avatar.

To see Kushins profile it's on the orginal Avatar fan club
hampir setahun yang lalu wolfmaster3000 said…
Name : Kushin Shinku

Height : 6'2

Weight : 220LBS

Gender : M

Age : 88

Rank : Head of the Fire temple/ Councilman to the fire nation / White louts

Element : Fire / Lighting

Family : Mangetsu (grandson), Marck (son) , Alise ( wife)

Apperence: Kushin in his old age has a balding spot on the top of his head but it extends down to the back (like Roku's) he also has a beard he has a long thick piece of facial hair extending down his chin (like Teinzein) as well as two thin pieces extending from his upper lip. he wears the traditional fire nation robes and carries a Spear now instead of his sword. as he passed it on to Mangetsu. his robe has a long cape extending from the back off it. the color of the robe is red. His hair is gray and his eye's are a faded red color.

Persnailty : Kushin is very wise and clam but his temper and head strong traits are still there. He is very kranky at some points. and is very protective of his family.

Weapon : Kushin carries a Spear at his side now using it almost like a walking stick.

Historey : Kushin after the events of the defeat of Ozai became the general of the fire nations armies and a very trusted friend and alley to Zuko and Avatar Aang he was recognized as traitor for a while but eventually He came to rule them with an Iron fist. When Zuko and Aang started the project for republic city Kushin asked if he could make himself a little temple so he and his wife could settle down and raise a family. as well as a Fire bending school for young fire benders to come so they could learn the trueth and Events and Legend that would soon be known as Avatar Aang and his friends. Zuko allowed it but Aang wasn't sure at first. Eventually Aang came around and Kushin appointed as a councilman for his experience as a war officer and great understanding of life and bending. during the Yakone incident Kushin dis-played why he was the most feared fire bender once more having not of fought in almost 30 years. a few years later Kushin along with Katara, Toph and Sakka were by Avatar Aang when his passing came. It was heart breaking but he new Aang lived on being a member of the white louts he begun the search for the new Avatar and in doing so Kushin Taught Korra how to fire bend.