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Lt_Ghost21 posted on Dec 07, 2012 at 01:39PM
this is my first so here we go
Type of Bender:
Background Story:
In A Romantic Relationship Or Single:

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hampir setahun yang lalu Lt_Ghost21 said…
Name: Rhyz George (also Known As The Third City Saint)
Type of Bender:Fire and Metal and Blood Bending
Appearance:tall athletic build and Cm Punks Long hair and has a scar on his chest that he got from his father and has awesome fire bender clothes brown eyes and has a handsome face and white skin
Weapon:sword and grappling hook to escape quickly
Background Story: when he was younger his father wanted he to blood bend his mother but he refused to so his father stabbed him and he ended up with a scar and after that he run away from home and went to the fire kingdom and learned fire bending from zuko and metal bending from toph and he had blood bending from his father so few years later his mother passed away and his dad wen into hiding so he learned everything he could from his masters and searched for his father and didnt find him and he teamed up with avatar korra few years after his mother died and told korra he can blood bend but he never uses it coz its so dangerous to use and korra learned that he wasnt evil like his father was and he is now happy helping avatar korra and her friends to defeat enemies that pose a threat to the republic city.
Like:food and helping korra and her friends and training when no one is around to distract him from his meditation and having a good time
Dislikes:hates being the one to choose who is right or wrong and dislikes his father for what he done to him when he was younger and dislikes being dishonest
Fears:blood bending innocent people and bad guys and has terrible fear of losing his friends to his father
In A Romantic Relationship Or Single:Dating Asami
hampir setahun yang lalu ravengaming said…
type of bender:water and blood bender
appearance:tallish short, thin, medium dark brown hair, grey eyes, tank top with a quarter sleeve under with a jacket around waist
weapons:fists and water
background:when he was a baby a spy killed his mother and father he was raised by katara at the age of 6 he figured out he could blood bend when a spy broke into his house he broke the spy's arms and took his bending he was almost killed when he was 13 he was a spy for the police to see what was happening when amon started he got info from amon soldiers he told the police he went back to the south at the age of 14 he helped train korra for two years and he was a pro bender for the fire ferrets he almost got his bending took away but blood bended amon and escaped and helped korra with her mission
likes:helping korra and all that is right
dislikes:amon his spies and all thats wrong
fears:evil spirits electric blizzards
relationship:dating nari

p.s. ill be making a book out of this and comment if you want to be in it and give me your legend of korra name
ravengaming commented…
send me a mesage to my peti masuk hampir setahun yang lalu
hampir setahun yang lalu 1sugya1 said…
Name: Morty
Age: 11
Type of Bender: air
Weapon: Glider and Air
Background Story: ??
Like: Food
Dislikes: Mean people
In A Romantic Relationship Or Single: None
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hampir setahun yang lalu 1sugya1 said…
P.S i wana be in the book
hampir setahun yang lalu Hannah-Larsen said…
Name: Opal
Age: 19
Type of Bender: Air (including flying)
Background Story: She is the last natural airbender
Weapon: Glider air and flight
Likes: Her friends, P'li, Kiata & Elody
Dislikes: The avatar Mako and Bolin
In a romantic relationship: Yes, with Kai (a different Kai)
 Name: Opal Age: 19 Type of Bender: Air (including flying) Background Story: She is the last natura
hampir setahun yang lalu Hannah-Larsen said…
Name: P'li La Runassa (not bad P'li)
Height: 2.03m
Type of bending: Fire and combustion bender
Background story: P'li originally grew up in the fire nation, but got deported by the age of 11. By the time she was 17, she had found friends and fallen in love!
Weapon: Bending, intelligence AND agility
Likes: Her (boy)friend(s)
Dislikes: Disloyal and conceited people
In a romantic relationship: Yes with( a good and younger) Zaheer
 Name: P'li La Runassa (not bad P'li) Age:17 Height: 2.03m Type of bending: api, kebakaran and combustion ben
hampir setahun yang lalu catcat3937 said…
Type of bending:fire/lightning
Background story:Grew up in the fire nation and moved to rebublic city when 13. Became best friends with Mako and Bolin when her family died when she was 14. Joined Team avatar when she found bolin captured by Amon and helped Mako and Korra. Saved general irohs life when fighting Amon and fell in love. She later was engaged to him.
Weapon: Her bending
Status: Future fire lady( engaged to general/prince iroh
Likes: food and her fiancé
Dislikes: unconfident poeple
Favorite things to do: listen to bumi's stories. Hang out with fire lord Izumi. Train and spar with her fiancé.
hampir setahun yang lalu MillsRai18 said…
Name: Archie
Age: 18
Type of Bender: Air
Appearance: short black hair (later bold), brown eyes, 5 ft 6, light brown skin tone
Weapon: Stick
Background Story: A non-bender who later finds out he has received the ability to bend when the world is on the edge of collapsing due to political and social turmoil.
Like: food, meditating, Pro-bending championships
Dislikes: being forced to wake up early, concentrating
In A Romantic Relationship Or Single: Single