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MillsRai18 posted on Apr 02, 2018 at 11:40PM
IF (now this is a big 'IF') there was going to be another
series, what kind of ideas do you have in mind that you'd
love to see be implemented into the next series? Personally,
THIS IS MY IDEA: after Korra has passed away, after many
years, the search for the next avatar has failed. There's
no signs of the new avatar and hope is fading. This brings
new villainous threats to the world and the world is on the
edge of collapsing due to political and social turmoil. This
follows a story of an ambitious non-bender, who has
wanted nothing more than to help and influence the world
to become a better place. But their persistence rewards them
one day when they find out they have received the ability to
bend not only earth, but also the ability to master the other
elements. With the looming threat of dark forces and social
imbalance, they will soon learn what it really means to be
The Avatar.
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