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posted by Magicalgirl12
Fire, air, water and earth. Avatar Korra was an amazing and strong avatar. She had saved everybody from Amon and many other enemy’s. But 82 years have pass and Korra is now gone. It’s time for the new Avatar to be born. Meanwhile in the Earth Kingdom in Ba Sing Se. A husband and wife lived in a small house in Ba Sing Se. The husband and wife’s names were Mr. and Mrs. Hin. Mr. Hin’s wife was about to have a baby. A lady walked out of their bedroom. She was one of the nurses that had helped his wife.
“You may come in now. She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl” the nurse berkata as she...
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posted by FloraBoricua
Okay, lots of people have been giving their certain opinions atau ideas about what's going to happend. Now I want to give mine.

You know that in the first serie of Avatar:The last airbender Aang took Firelord Ozin's bending away. Well I agree that maybe in this serie, Korra will give them back their bending. Lots of people are expecting for that to happen and me too. Because it will be a terrible decision if it isn't that way, then Lin Bei Fong can't bend anymore, and she's an important character.

Now, about who's Amon, well, the producers are giving us a headache of who he could be. Many people...
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