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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
Your name is: (1) ______ ______ ______ (first, middle, last, doesn’t have to be real), anda are twenty-four years old and anda marry the man of your dreams, (2)______ ______ ______ (first, middle, last and – again – doesn’t have to be real). anda have a beautiful wedding in (3)______ (city, country, etc) and go on your honeymoon to (4)______.

When anda get back, the two of anda decide to alih out of your cramped little apartment to a bigger house, so anda can start a family. anda alih to (5)______. (Optional: add a picture of the house!)

Six months later, anda find out that you’re pregnant! A baby girl is born, and anda decide to somehow honour your husband’s grandmother, who just passed away. Her name was Alice Catherine, so your daughter’s name is (6)______ ______.

When your daughter is four years old, anda get pregnant again – this time with fraternal twin boys! The first boy must have the same initials as your father, while the saat boy must have the same initials as your grandfather. Their names are: (7)______ ______ and ______ ______.

Your daughter is seven and the twins are three when anda discover that anda are, once again, expecting. It turns out to be another little girl. Her first name must be a bunga atau jewel and her middle name is your choice. Her name is (8)______ ______.

Both anda and your husband want to try for just one lebih baby. So, when your oldest daughter is eight, the twins are four and your youngest is one when anda give birth to triplets on the Fourth of July! Two boys and one girl. The boys names must be presidential and the girl’s name must be after a first lady. Their names are: (9)______ ______, ______ ______ and ______ ______.

You’re finally finished with having children, and are perfectly happy with your seven little angels. What are all their names again?
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
Use the six-sided dice to play

Your name: (your choice)

Age. Roll the dice
1. 19
2. 20
3. 21
4. 22
5. 23
6. 24

Where did anda grow up? (your choice)

Your parents/guardians. Roll the dice
1. Mom & Dad
2. Single mom
3. Single dad
4. Grandparents
5. Aunt & uncle
6. Foster parents
What are their names?

Your siblings. Roll the dice
1. A brother & a sister
2. 1 brother
3. 1 sister
4. 2 brothers
5. 2 sisters
6. Only child
What are their names?

Where are anda going to college? (your choice)

What are anda majoring in? (your choice)

What are anda aspiring to become? (your choice)

DH's name: (your choice)

His age. Roll...
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