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posted by mymow12
Hi people!
I Cinta baking. But when I bake I like to bake from scratch. I absolutely hate baking with those packs. Its missing all the fun! My kegemaran thing to bake is Kek Cawan with homemade mentega cream frosting. I always bake every weekend.
When I do I usually succeed but sometimes I fail.
Just this weekend I got to go to a baking retreat! It was so much fun! I couldn't believe how many cookies, biskut we made! I'm pretty sure they counted 250 cookies! There were 7 other teens there besides me.
I had to do one batch of cookies, biskut from a mix. But the other 11 batches we made were from scratch!
I really Cinta baking! Did any of anda start baking with the pillsbury dough boy cookie sheets atau with your mom/dad from scratch?
As I clearly stated before I Cinta baking. I plan to be sharing my recipes that I use later on. I hope I am worthy of this club and don't forget to komen my article!
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