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posted by Marc0201
Kazooi was being dragged sejak the bully's thugs. There was no way that she could escape due to how tight they were holding. So Kazzoi pecks one of the thugs and runs. She runs for hours, no matter how much in pain she was hurt. She soon found herself at a house. She walks in due to pain.

When she walks in, she wonders who lives in there, so she looks around. She then finds a bed, and sleeps because she's tired. Then someone walked in while she was sleeping. It was Banjo! He walks in to find Kazzoie sleeping. He wakes Kazooie up, then Kazzoie gets really scared and runs away!

When Banjo was about to go to sleep, he found a backpack, Kazooie's backpack. Banjo thought it was his and put it on.
posted by Marc0201
Banjo was not always partners with Kazooie, this is both of thier stories. Bango was just a kid with his baby sister,Tooitie, and he had no parents, so Banjo was on his own. Bango never had a friend to be with when Bottles took care of Tootie, so he walked around spiral mountain. All he could think about is having a friend.

Kazooie had a terrible childhood. Her parents died when her house burned down when she was a baby, and a priest took her in. Years later she had to be shipped of to a home-school, where the main part of the terror began.

Kazooie started out sejak being a good student. Then while she was eating lunch, a bully came up and was digging through her bag. He found Kazooie's Kazzo that she found whild digging through the ground for treasure. So they got into a big fight! Then, someone grabbed Kazzoie.